Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 28 (Adventures 24) Samuel Morse, Florida & Texas

State Studies: Florida and Texas

We read a book about hurricanes this week, in addition I found a video at the library on Hurricane Katrina that we watched – it was a tear jerker for me, Treyton was all about the storm.   IMG_1530  IMG_1529 



Samuel MorseIMG_1524We read about Samuel Morse in “The Story of the U.S.” written by Marie Hazel, put up our timeline piece and then I had Treyton complete his notebooking page. IMG_1527

We used our Morse Code Sheet from MFW to “code” a few words to one another (like the kid’s names). Treyton enjoyed this.




Treyton continues to do increasingly complicated addition problems in his Singapore Math 2A book, and is understanding the concepts well. It’s fun to watch him master such a needed math tool. IMG_1095


In R.E.A.L Life Science this week we learned about Cnidaria focusing primarily on Jelly Fish. Treyton has always had an interest in Jellyfish (though he keeps calling them octopuses).

I had him watch a few jellyfish videos on National Geographic, God has made some truly amazing creatures. The kids LOVED watching the videos and I cannot tell you how much they learned from a few videos – Treyton, I knew would, but Alexa blew me away. It’s been a few weeks actually sense we watched the videos and Alexa is still telling me things, here and there, that she learned. IMG_1061

We did a couple of different labs, one of which we colored and illustration of the life cycle of a sea jelly, the second one we made a hands-on illustration with cups, yarn and tape. This was a GREAT activity to actually “see” and re-enact what we were learning about (this is just one of the things we love about R.E.A.L Life Science).

(Side Note: I took pictures of all of his Jelly Fish studies, but I thought I had already posted them, so I deleted them… ooops… Oh well, you’ll just have to take my word for a job well done.)

Bible: Jesus Calms the Storm

We read the story of Jesus Calming the Storm in our Hands-on Children’s Bible (which I love, especially for Alexa’s level). After reading it a few days in a row, we had a little water fun of our own. I filled up the tub, and had the kids lean over the edge to create a storm. When I called out “Jesus calms the storm,” the kids would stop the storm and watch as it calmed down.

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