Monday, April 9, 2012

Letter J & H: Jesus and Hippos

I am combining my preschool posts, in order to try and catch up from my lack-of-blog posting the last month or so. Pregnancy seems to have so many side-effects, one of which this time seems to be some type of allergy to the computer. We’ll get through it of course, but please try to bear with me as I try to continue updating in sporadic bursts.


For letter J we focused on Jesus and Jelly Beans. IMG_1423We read several Jesus stories in our Hands-on Children’s Bible:

  • Jesus Walks on Water
  • Jesus Loves the Children
  • Jesus Heals the Blind Man

We did our Explode the Code pages,    IMG_1429 all of our usual Confession printables as well as a few coloring pages. IMG_1445In addition, Confession’s had a cute baby Jesus and stable paper craft that Alexa cut out and assembled. IMG_1435


Her favorite activity this week was Jelly Bean graphing. She had several jelly bean colors in a bag, and would pull one out and graph it. Put the card back in the bag, shake it up and pull another one. She did this 4 or 5 times this week. Treyton also participated, as they both enjoy graphing, and make competitions out of it. IMG_1424


Again, we did our Explode the Code pages IMG_1452and Confessions pages – Alexa just flies through the Confessions pages, so this will probably be our last week printing and going through them. IMG_1511They are a great preschool level program, and we have loved using them, but I think Alexa has outgrown them, and I see no need to continue printing and laminating them. IMG_1493I found several cute hippo crafts that we did this week, some I forgot to take pictures of, but they were cute. Alexa’s favorite one came from DLTK. IMG_1501

Alexa also spent some extra time this week writing her letters that she has learned, thus far. She loves writing. Her handwriting is not nearly as slow and deliberate as Treyton’s was at this age, which means a slightly sloppier writing, but overall she does really well, I figure we will work on the actual handwriting practice later on.


Because letters seem to be losing their challenge with Alexa I have begun to step-it-up-a-notch in two different ways.

First of all we started learning the second phonetic sounds of some letters, these two weeks we focused on c and a – C says /k/ and /s/, a actually has 4 (I believe) sounds, we are focusing on two the long and short sound. Alexa has NO problem with this, so depending on how consistent I am on this I think she will fly through it.

We continue to occasionally (once a week or so), work on her letter blending. She likes doing this because she feels like she is reading, it takes effort, but doesn’t seem to frustrate her at all. However, I want to make sure we’re not pushing to hard, so I think I’m taking it easier than she would like, but for now, it’s for her own good. :)

I also introduced sight words, using 1+1+1=1’s sight word printables – step/unit 1, and some other miscellaneous printables I’ve found online. The first four words we are going to work on will be: a, and, the and see. IMG_1428Alexa picked up a and and in the first two days, and we spent the week mastering them. The second week she got ‘the’ and she struggled a little bit more with ‘see’ but managed to get it by the end of the second week. IMG_1448


Alexa loves painting and would do it all day every day if I let her. She refuses to leave even a speck of white on the paper, which is just like her :) she is such a colorful person.


Alexa can count by 2s to 12 now, she really struggled getting past 10, mostly because she didn’t want to. When I would ask her to keep going, she would say “No, I don’t need to.” IMG_1520

She seems to have forgotten some of her shapes, we’ve been playing a few flashcard games (with both her and Treyton), and I had her do the shape play-doh cards that I had printed off last year from Confessions of a Homeschooler. The second week we decided to focus on a specific shape (square) and I think she remembers that one now. It’s kind of funny – she remembers the more abnormal shapes (like heart, diamond, star and heart) but her basic ones are the ones that she struggles with.   

I had her paint the square shape, and that seems to be what cemented the shape back into her memory. IMG_1477




Next we cover the letter d!

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