Thursday, April 12, 2012

Preschool: (Letter D) Go Dog Go! and Easter

This week we were working on the Letter D in our ETC book B. Alexa is really starting to out grow Confessions of a Homeschooler’s printables (they were AWESOME while they lasted though), so instead of printing off more “busy work” for her, I decided to wing it this week a little bit.

Focusing on the letter D, I took a look are our bookshelf and pulled out “Go Dog Go!” written by P.D. Eastman is one of our family’s favorite preschool books.

One of the areas I really want to work with Alexa on right now, is a love or reading and books. I don’t spend as much time reading her “fun” story books, as I did with Treyton, because I spend so much time reading Treyton books to go with his school. Because of this, I think Alexa has really missed out on the love of books that Treyton was able to develop.

Hence, the focus, once again to books in Alexa’s school. Purposely picking out books with Alexa in mind, for her level, as well as making it special Alexa time when we would read together (not just a part of Treyton’s school/reading) made a HUGE difference this week.

Alexa LOVED “Go, Dog Go!” and we had lots of fun.

Stop Lights IMG_1549

Alexa’s favorite pages were the red light, green light pages, so I decided to have her make a stop light. I figured she knew what all the colors meant, but quizzed her anyway, and she did great.    IMG_1551 

IMG_1554Fun Party Hats

Each of the three kids made fun party hats, to where during a dog party the following day.  IMG_1556 IMG_1557Lexie insisted she didn’t want a crazy hat but a pretty hat, so she covered the entire things with fuzzy puff balls.

IMG_1558The girls each made their own hats, then Audrey helped make an addition hat for her cousin Peyton who was going to be coming over the following day during our “dog party” IMG_1560

Dog Party

To celebrate “Go Dog Go” we had our own dog party.

I had the kids gather all the “dogs” in our house, from stuffed animals to plastic dogs on a leash, they all piled up in the middle of the living room floor. IMG_1582The kids got a snack of puppy chow, and then they sat down to enjoy a re-enactment reading of the book from our very own Treyton. IMG_1567 Treyton was so cute, lifting up different dogs, doing different things with them to entertain the girls even more. I am so proud.  IMG_1571  IMG_1579 


Paper Dog Craft from DLTK   IMG_1630


Positional Cards

I printed off some cute (really awesome) positional cards from Lil Book Chompers (link below), and played a fun little game with Alexa. I would give her short positional commands like “Take the orange and red crayon and put it beside the desk.” IMG_1637

Easter Celebration

Crown of Thorns: We made a crown of thorns out of chow mein noodles and chocolate.





Resurrection Eggs – this is the first year that Alexa really participated in the resurrection eggs and she did so good. They really helped her remember the story.


Sight Words IMG_1619Alexa worked this week on spelling her sight words with foam puzzle letters. Alexa has mastered “a” “the” and “see”, but she still struggles with “and”. IMG_1620 

Links for Go, Dog Go!

Making Party Hats for Go, Dog Go! believe it or not, I did come up with this idea on my own, as we were reading through the book, but then while researching additional ideas I came across this post, and thought I would go ahead and share it.

Go, Dog Go Pinterest Board by mdrouth 

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Go, Dog Go Positional Cards by lilbookchompers

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