Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 31 (Wk 27 & 28 of Adventures) and Week 32 (Week 29 of Adventures)

This week I combined two of MFW weeks into one as we studied Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

Treyton was very interested in the Civil War and are week was woven with LOTS of discussion, questions and opinions from our always thinking little man. He loves the study of wars, and was caused to think hard on the concept of slavery and the war within between the states.

Treyton thoroughly enjoyed reading “Abe Lincoln’s Hat” on his own, several times this week. We also read, together, several other books on both Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War:

  • “If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War”
  • “A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln”
  • “The Story of the U.S.”
  • “Harriet Tubman”

Addition Read-Alouds this week:

  • “Hero Tales: William Booth”
  • “The Hundred Dresses”

The Kids also watched two American Heroes Videos one on Abraham Lincoln and one on Harriet Tubman. Treyton really likes this video series, and enjoyed watching two from this series.

American History Binder

After reading on Monday about the Civil War and how it was literally a war between the states, I had Treyton color a map of the United States – IMG_1548coloring the North, the South and the States not yet in the union. Like all map studies, this activity was a hands-on and visual way for Treyton to see what was really meant by the “War Between the States”. IMG_1631We put this map in his American History Binder along with his Notebooking page on Abraham Lincoln. IMG_1622His narration was: “Abe Lincoln became President. He didn’t agree with slavery, the south wanted to leave the U.S.A. Lincoln kept our country united.”


This week I took off half of our timeline pieces, the ones not laminated, and laminated them. Then I had Treyton place them back on the timeline.  IMG_1633I was surprised by how well he did at this activity. It’s so encouraging to look back to where he was a year ago, compared to where he is now. His concept of time is developing…. how fun!


In his Singapore Math curriculum (2A) Treyton is working on subtracting large numbers (up to 999), while borrowing. Math continues to be one of his favorite subjects.

Week 32 (Week 29) of My Father’s World 

This week we studied 4 new states. These are usually pretty simple weeks, which I appreciated, as I needed a little extra time to plan for the upcoming Homeschool Convention I am planning on attending next week/end. IMG_1712 


In addition to this, I had both Treyton and Alexa both color a Flat Stanley (Alexa actually colored a Flat Summer). I explained the program to them and they are really excited to get started with it. I will also be taking them with me to the Convention in Cincinnati which is 8 hours away.

Now that Treyton is becoming a more confident reader, he reads quite a bit to his sisters. I love seeing this. IMG_1709

“Coincidentally” (isn’t God good), this week at AWANA Treyton had the missionary store, where he bought a Civil War excavation kit. It was a block of plaster that he had a brush and stick to pick away at the block until he revealed (and was able to extract) one of 6 different styles of the Civil War soldiers. IMG_1703

This activity actually took a couple of hours, and he LOVED it! He took his time and did a very, very good job.   

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