Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It’s a…..


We had our ultrasound today, at 18 weeks 1 day. IMG_2338

Everything checked out great, all extremities present and accounted for, no seen intrauterine bands, four heart chambers seemingly flowing in the right direction, a heart rate of 166, gall bladder, stomach, kidneys, bladders, all accounted for.

Baby was actually being a little shy, not wanting to show his face at first, and then he actually had his hands between his legs (that’s when I suspected it was a boy ;)), and Alexa actually called it when she saw the baby’s head circumference she said “Oh yeah, it’s a boy, a girl’s head is not like that” :)

It wasn’t until towards the end of the ultrasound, we got a perfect shot of his “parts” to know for sure what we were having. IMG_2339

Tim and I saw it first and made eye contact, and then the (super sweet) ultrasound tech started talking the kids through it. Tim asked Treyton if he saw anything and he said “Yeah, a weiner. Girls don’t have weiners.” and Tim said, no they don’t. So at that point, we assumed that he “got it”, however, about 2 minutes later he said “So do we know if it’s a boy or girl yet?” So we had to explain to him again, that what he saw on the screen was in fact our baby, and it was a boy. IMG_2335

When the tech told us “I’m not allowed to say with 100% certainty of course, but…” Treyton was thrown for a loop…. and was like “Well, when will we know 100%, what do we have to do to know 100%?” (oh, how I love the mind of our absolute, black and white child!)

We are measuring right on for the October 23rd due date.

We are still undecided on a name, which is a first for us, usually by now, we’ve already known for a while. We have a girl name, but have 2 options for boy names…. I think we’re pretty decided on one, but still not for sure, so I’ll try to keep it to myself until we know.

Treyton is super pumped for a baby brother and is already talking about all the things he is going to teach him. And I’m happy to say Alexa is not really bummed at all, even though she wanted another sister. She’s still okay with a brother, and all Audrey likes to do is rub, hit and kiss my belly – I’m pretty sure that’s her way of showing the baby she loves him too.

I put on four pounds in the last five weeks, my blood pressure was normal and all seems well on big mama’s end.

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks, when all they will do is a heart beat check and belly measurement.   

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

A boy! :) Congratulations! I loved your sons reactions.