Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 33 & 34 (Weeks 30 & 31 of Adventures)

It’s getting to the end of the school year, and we are ready to be done! We have been keeping our weeks pretty simple, and are mostly just following the MFW teacher’s manual and recommended reading list as well as doing our other standard subjects. We’re still learning a lot, but it makes for much less exciting posts to write about.

Read Alouds

(Week 33) Transcontinental Railroad

While reading about the Transcontinental Railroad, I found an idea a few weeks ago to build a railroad using popsicle sticks and straws from two different sides of a cardboard to meet together, just like the Transcontinental Railroad did.

IMG_1763  IMG_1756Treyton loved this project, we had plans to do it again with a friend of his who is also doing MFW, but we haven’t had the chance to get together yet.

(Week 33) Abe Lincoln Fort

Randomly this week the kids decided to build forts in the living room using our couches (turned upside down of course). After hanging a blanket over the entrances Treyton was determined to refer to it as Abe Lincoln’s cabin – it was just like the one he was born in, he said. IMG_1769

(Week 34) North Dakota, South Dakota

Treyton completed his state pages this week. IMG_1747


Treyton read Nate the Great this week, to prepare for a show that we’re going to see in a few weeks at the Performing Arts Center.


Treyton started his Transitions handwriting book this week. Which meant he wrote cursive for the first time! He’s really excited to learn.

This week (33) he practiced the letter A a, week (34) he started practicing the letter E e.


This week we had a special fun activity of shooting letters as Treyton spelled the words. He, of course, loved doing this. IMG_1773

He continues to learn about different types of syllables, including opened, closed, vowel consonant ‘e’, and vowel teams. He’s doing well.

IMG_1777 Science: Echinoderms & Arachnids

We learned about echinoderms – like star fish and sea urchins this week. I had him watch a few videos online, and completed our labs. Treyton is a littler overwhelmed with all the “big words” of the classes of animals we’re learning about, so I’m not sure what his long term memory will be of animal classification, but overall he’s doing well and I’m hoping he’ll remember at least a few fun facts about the classes we’re learning about.

For our co-op this past week one of the activities we did was to make an animal classification lapbook (found at Homeschool Share). We’ve looked at it while reviewing the invertebrate groups we’ve already learned about, and it’s really helped him a lot. I can’t figure out if he actually likes lapbooks or not. He says he does, but then he doesn’t seem to like the actual assembly. However, he is getting much better at putting them together, and doesn’t complain unless it starts to take too long.

For week 34 we were actually supposed to learn about Arthropods (first) and then Insects, however, we didn’t get our caterpillars in time so we skipped ahead to arachnids.


IMG_1730I picked out this fun magnetic mosaic box at convention, the kids LOVED it! IMG_1734 It took Treyton 2 days but he completed this pattern.  I’m pretty sure it’s still put together downstairs. IMG_1735 

3 weeks to go!!

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