Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 35 (Week 32 in Adventures): Montana, Idaho, Washington and Arizona


This week we added four more states to our bulging states binder: Montana, Idaho, Washington and Arizona. Treyton is so excited and counts down EVERY day, how many states we have left. He already knows Hawaii is the last one, and Alaska is second to last. I love how MFW went through the states, adding in the chronicle history, for Treyton this was a fantastic way to explore American History for the first time. Not to mention, it made a lasting impression on me as well – I cannot tell you how much I learned this year.

State Pages   IMG_2029 



IMG_2032Apple and Potato Prints

Because we learned about both the apple and potato growing states this week, I had the idea to pull out some actual produce and made some stamps. My apples didn’t really turn out, because apparently, I didn’t cut them straight enough and we were getting only partial prints (no matter how much paint we used). IMG_2023

The kids loved the potato prints – I managed to make the letter A, the letter T, a fish and a heart. Each kid made two pages worth of prints. IMG_2024 (Treyton’s)

IMG_2025 (Treyton’s)



Arthropods: Insects

This is our second week learning about the class of arthropods, this week we focused on the insect group. We got our caterpillars in the mail and for the first time (we’ve done this probably 4 times before) they were really tiny, we actually thought they were dead when they arrived. We were able to see how fast they grow, compared to other times when they got here they were already pretty big caterpillars.

They are now chrysalised, and I can’t believe it but Treyton actually knows that word on his own! Ordering the butterflies four times was worth it, he learned (and remembered) something!  IMG_2034

Treyton labeled a caterpillar drawing, and we are waiting for the butterflies to emerge for him to label a drawing on them in their adult stage. We talked about the four stages, and I actually learned that caterpillars have 6 “real” legs and 10 “false legs”…. who knew. Seriously, take a close look, the front 6 are real, the back ones are false (btw – this does not mean that they don’t work – I’m not actually sure why they are called false, but they actually do look different).

Science: Animal Classification Review

In our last MFW co-op, I had the kids make Animal Classification Lapbooks. They turned out great (though we were crunched to get them done). Since then, we’ve used it several times in school. This week we used to review the classes we’ve already been studying – and the characteristics that make them special. I found the lapbook on Homeschool Share and I would highly recommend it. IMG_2033

Garden Planting

We planted part of garden this week, 6 square foot gardens, we’re waiting for Dad to build 3 more, one which will be “just Treyton’s” he already has his pretty well planned out. He knows which vegetables he’s putting in, and he also wants to add a few flowers as well. His Aunt Skye actually bought him two plants for his recital: six green peppers, and a red flowering annual that I forget the name of, Treyton picked out both.



We are doing lots of smaller units and reviews lately. He is learning about measurements: centimeters, inches, feet, yards. We’ve touched on these things before, but I think they are actually taking root this time.


Treyton continues to amaze me in his spelling. Sometimes, I think he can’t possibly be understanding what he’s doing but he continues to excel. He isn’t always the greatest in using his spelling rules in his own writing, but I think it’s more of a confidence issue than an educational issue. He’s used to asking how to spell a word as he is writing, and doesn’t think he knows a word even if he does. I’m doing more dictation (from All About Spelling) with him these days and that seems to be helping. 

Field Trip: Zoo

We couldn’t help ourselves this week, the weather has been so nice, we decided we just had to get out and get to the zoo for the first time this year.

Even though we have a zoo pass, it costs us $7.00 every zoo trip because the kids HAVE to feed the goats and lambs ($5) and the giraffes ($2)! It is seriously the coolest thing our zoo does, and the kids LOVE it – and so do I, so we splurge.   IMG_1975They always each pick their favorite goat, and there is always one bully, to be sure, which one kids usually has to feed so the other two can feed the “nice goats” without them getting bucked at. IMG_1977 It’s usually Audrey who gets left with the dirty job of feeding the bully because, quite honestly she’s unaware, and really could care less as long as she is feeding one. IMG_1984 (BTW – this is not the bully goat, this goat was actually pretty sweet) IMG_1987Another highlight is the bear, we didn’t see it at all last summer, so I don’t know if they didn’t have one, or if we just kept missing her. This year however, we’ve not only seen her, she’s much more active than the last one. IMG_1994The kids love these stone statues, and ask to take pictures with them every zoo trip, I don’t get it, but of course I happily oblige. IMG_2006 Like I said before, giraffe feeding is the COOLEST thing the kids get to do and it’s always someone’s favorite on the day. These animals are huge and so truly amazing, and who can get over their long black tongues, especially when it’s slobbering up your hand!

Field Trip: Nate the Great at the Performing Arts Center

Treyton also had the chance to go see Nate the Great with his Aunt Toni this week. This is our last theatre show of the school year (no worries, we’ve already signed up for twice as many for next year)!! Treyton said this was his fourth favorite show.

Coming Up

We have two weeks left!!

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