Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artist Study: Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt Fact

* Mary was born in Pennsylvania, but when she was 7 her family moved to Paris, which is when Mary decided she wanted to become an artist.

* Cassatt was most famous for her pictures of mother’s and children.

* Cassatt would sometimes use a technique called Monoprint


Mary Cassatt Books

  • Baby Loves (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • Mary Cassatt Family Pictures by Jane O’Connor
  • Mary Cassatt Paintings and Prints by Frank Getlein
  • Suzette and the Puppy: A Story About Mary Cassatt by Joan Sweeney
  • Mary Cassatt Impressionist Painter by Lois V. Harris

Pictures Studied

imageThe Child’s Bath

image The Boat Party

image In the Loge (also saw it called “Woman in Black at the Opera”)

image Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

image The Letter (a monoprint)

image The Sisters

Artist Impressions/Recreation

Mary Cassatt on occasion used a technique called monoprint.

To replicate this, we painted (using thick lines) with tempura paint onto a cookie sheet and then pressed our paper down onto the paint.

The kids loved changing-it-up a little bit to make painting even more exciting.

Treyton found himself particularly taken with this activity.  He was very particular, deliberate and took his time making sure everything was just right.   IMG_2609 



IMG_2613Treyton was just as proud of his cookie sheet painting as he was the “canvas” print. IMG_2614Alexa always enjoys painting, but she had a slightly tougher time making her paint lines thick enough for the mono print. She was much more concerned about her color choices and strokes :)





IMG_2608Audrey’s big switch up for the week was using a paint brush instead of just her finger!! Big Stuff!

Coloring Page with Oil Pastels and Watercolors


IMG_1601 Quotes

“Women should be someone and not something.”


Links & Resources

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Mary Cassatt Paintings

Online Coloring Page @ Enchanted Learning

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