Monday, June 11, 2012

First Day of School 2012-2013

We started school today. I wasn’t sure I was quite ready, but knew I wanted to start this week, because we have VBS next week and probably will only do a partial week (if any), and I certainly didn’t want to take 5 weeks off in a row!

Over the break, we continued to read some, but in reality we did very little review at all. Even Treyton was asking me when he was going to be learning again :).

It was a great break though, the weather was perfect (not too hot or too cold) and the kids were outside pretty much every day. We got a great start on the garden, went to the zoo a couple of times and got the house in really good order. A lot got done that needed to get done.

We took our first day of school pictures this morning, before we started. The kids were really into this year. I even printed off some signs for them.

IMG_2468 I can’t believe our first born is in second grade!! I mean seriously, where has the time gone?

IMG_2513Audrey will start Tot School sometime this year, but not quite yet. We have plans for her to start speech therapy, in home, starting next Monday. We will see how that all goes, then potty training, and finally on to Tot Schooling :) IMG_2473Alexa is in preschool, or 4-K, this year. She is eager to learn, our primary goal for this year is to teach her to read and learn to write her numbers and letters.

And just in case you didn’t have enough…. I have more pictures for you! IMG_2481 







Mama Teaching 3 said...

You are so blessed to be teaching that beautiful threesome! :) Enjoy your year, fellow homeschoolers!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


The title of your post made me laugh. School has started already? Now, I don't feel so bad starting tomorrow. We will take it slow w/some review and then add more the following Monday. My plan was to start June 4, but our church had VBS and the following week was just as busy. We are continuing our previous studies and will promote in the fall.