Monday, July 2, 2012

Field Trip: National Railroad Museum


Two weeks ago we went on a field trip to the National Railroad Museum. I had been wanting to go for a while, and Tim surprised us one day by taking off work, so we decided to go that day after Treyton’s VBS.

IMG_2673This was one of my favorite field trips ever, I think because Treyton really responded to it. (Here he is trying to lift 6 inches of the steel rails – they are surprisingly REALLY heavy). IMG_2675Treyton kept reminding us of all that he learned while studying the transcontinental railroad. “Remember mom….?”

IMG_2681One of the highlights of the museum was the real trains on display that we got to walk through. IMG_2686The kids loved all the old stuff…. like I said, this was one of the best museum experiences we’ve had with the kids (particularly Treyton), using what he’s learned and appreciating what he’s seeing. IMG_2690_edited-1 For whatever reason, the kids were fascinated with the fact that there was a toilet on the train. IMG_2695 

IMG_2701_edited-1 We saw pictures of the trains plowing through the snow, which is fairly impressive, and then we saw this guy, in real life, very impressive. IMG_2707The museum was actually very hands-on and the kids were able to sit and climb on a lot of the trains, which is it much more entertaining for the kids. IMG_2702


IMG_2715We paid to go on the actual train ride being pulled by a 1900s (I believe) engine. It was a perfect day for it – not too hot or cold, so the kids (and mom and dad) enjoyed it. IMG_2716 


IMG_2719 Treyton was actually in the process of listening to the Boxcar children book at home so when we stopped at this old box car on our train ride, we snapped a picture.

The tour guide taught us about hobo’s riding illegally on the box cars (particularly after the Civil War) in the attempt to get home – hobo is actually short for “ho”meward “bo”und. I never knew that.  IMG_2735

Audrey is at the stage where she loves all trucks, tractors, trains and large machinery (from a distance). She loved pointing at all the trains on our ride. 

It was a great field trip! I highly recommend it.

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