Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 2: Pharoahs and Pyramids


We read chapters 1-5 in Exodus. I chose to read them out of our ESV Family Bible. We had lots of great discussion about the miracles of Moses and how the Egyptian magicians were able to copy some of the miracles he did and that ultimately God allowed it for a reason. We talked about what we thought those reasons might be.

We read about the book of Exodus in “What the Bible is All About.” I think this will be an excellent resource for us throughout the year.

Alexa colored and painted a burning bush to remind her of the story of Moses.IMG_2792


We focused on Pharaohs, Pyramids and Mummies this week. Treyton loved it.

The only specific Pharaoh we really talked about was Pharaoh Tutankhamen, Treyton was very interested in this boy-Pharaoh. We placed him on our timeline.

Treyton was very interested in the process of mummification and the concept of mummies. I had purchased the Lift the Lid on Mummies kit, and Treyton and I did it together. It was really fun, though I was a little disappointed in the quality of some of the pieces (as in the Canopic Jars were paper), in the end I believe it is this activity that helped Treyton really grasp the concept and process of mummification. He was so proud of his finished project, too, he kept it out most of the week showing anyone who came over.




IMG_2785Treyton’s favorite activity of the week was building a pyramid out of legos. He insisted on adding in halls and passageways, not just one for the burial, but another one for the treasures (or jewels as he says). IMG_2766

I had a copy of the Ancient Egypt History Pocket, we completed the pyramid this week – Treyton loved the finished product.  IMG_2800Lapbook Pieces

We continued working on our Geography vocabulary lapbook piece as well as a mummy, Pharoah and pyramid book.



Misc. Read-Alouds:

Audio Books Treyton Listened to this Week:

Language Arts

A Reason for Handwriting Treyton learned to write the letter Uu and Bb this week. He is doing really, really well with learning cursive – I am so proud of his effort, handwriting is not the easiest of subjects for him, though he does enjoy being able to do it on his own.

All About Spelling we worked on level 15 this week – words with the ending –er.

TOG had Treyton write synonyms for the book “Tutankhamen’s Gift”, he didn’t know what a synonym was so this was a perfect exercise for us to work on together. I’m hoping synonyms will either come up again soon in TOG or that I will remember to do a little activity with him involving them, to help him master the concept. IMG_2765

He did a draw and caption page for pyramids and mummies. He really enjoys these pages, and is so proud of showing them off.


Science: Fish

Our first vertebrate classification was fish. We worked on our labs: measuring, watching and drawing our pet fish. I still really enjoy the REAL Life science, but wish I would do a better job at teaching it. I think we could get a lot more out of it, but often times it ends up as just a last minute add-on. This is NOT what I want for our science, so I really need to get motivated here. IMG_2761


Alexa and Audrey both worked on shape worksheets this week.  IMG_2776I found this worksheet on pinterest and they had the idea of tracing the shapes with stickers. I allowed Alexa to trace the shapes that she could name – she got them all but the hexagon. When I ask Alexa to name the shapes, she does really well, but anytime I say, what shape is this? She can rarely come up with the correct answer (she almost always says square). But at least we’re seeing a little progress in this area, and with a few more activities like these, I think she’ll get it. IMG_2778



Alexa worked on the letters y and v this week. Her handwriting continues to improve and for her age I think she does AMAZING work.


We worked on step 4 this week in All About Reading. Alexa read two bob books (book 1 and 2) as well as the first story in the AAR reader!!

We did a phonics bingo to practice some of the sounds that we’ve already been working with. IMG_2755Alexa continues to excel in her reading. For some reason she doesn’t do well with the fluency sheets, but she loves the flash cards and has no problem with her reader. The first story was called “Jam!” The first time she read it (and the several times since), she needed VERY LITTLE help. I am sooo proud. She wanted to read the entire reader, and was a little disappointed to learn that she couldn’t read it all at once. :) IMG_2756

The two sight words that we are working on in AAR are ‘the’ and ‘a’. She is really beginning to master them - ‘a’ she still says as a short sound if it’s all alone, but in the context of a story she usually says it correctly.



IMG_2793 Alexa received a letter in the mail from one of her friends this past week. She was so excited and wanted to write her friend back, so she painted her a picture and wrote (dictated) a letter for her friend. This was a very important part of her week this week, as she never let me forget that we were working on it, and that she needed to finish it :)


We had a great week this week. I think my biggest problem with TOG is that I still have in my heart this desire to do every good idea I come across on a certain topic, and Tapestry has so many good ideas, it just can’t be done. I need to learn moderation and that not doing everything is okay.

I also want to start focusing a little bit more on science/nature as I have really let those subjects fall by the wayside. These are two of our favorite subjects… I just struggle making time to add-in the extras that I like to, and then I just allow myself to slack and do the bare minimum. One idea I came up with is (at least while we’re still on the topics of animal classification) to row a book (Five in a Row) that deals with our science topic. For example for birds we are going to row the book “Grandfather’s Journey” and for amphibians “Salamandars Room” (I copied that book suggestion from Michelle at Delightful Learning). This helps keep me motivated to add in the science activities I crave so much, as well as a geography (or other topics we may not spend much time focusing on).  Of course the rows will be extra, so we may take 2 weeks for each row.

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Michelle said...

Loved your update, Amber! We are already up to the vikings in history/culture. Your posts are helpful for me for planning for next year, though, when we do formal history! That mummy kit looks neat and I have History Pockets on my wish list. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do for science and nature! I've really wanted to do better about our nature study since our row of SR, so maybe we can inspire each other and keep each other accountable! ;-)