Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 3: Egyptian Poytheism and the Judgement of God

This week we finished our studies on Ancient Egypt. We focused on the Polytheism (worship of more than one god) of the Egyptians and God’s judgment on them, primarily the plagues. 

History Read-Alouds:

  • You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Pyramid Builder
  • Story of the World (Chapter 4)
  • Exodus Chapters 6-18
    • Partially in our Bible and partially in our Children’s Bible
  • Celebrate: A Book of Jewish Holidays (Passover)

Other Read-Alouds:

  • Grandfather’s Journey
    • We are in the process of rowing this book – we are spending more than a week on our rows to spread out our activities. We are focusing on the study of Japan (for our geography) and Birds (which connects with our science unit this week).


I had Treyton Draw & Caption each of the 10 plagues, as we learned them - 2 a day. IMG_3180He enjoys these but I definitely think we over did it this week – he was a little tired of doing them by the end. IMG_3181I also had him draw the pictures for his plague lapbook piece which was DEFINITELY overkill.  IMG_3187 I did apologize to him for the busy work, I felt bad, but we were already halfway through it before I realized it was too much. IMG_3233

   IMG_3234 We actually went camping starting Thursday last week, so some of our school we did in our camper while camping.   IMG_3191 We also finished up our Egypt Lapjournal pages this week. Assembling all of our pieces, and finishing the pieces we hadn’t yet. IMG_3365 

IMG_3360  IMG_3362


We learned about the Jewish Passover Holiday this week. I would really, really like to have a Christian passover meal as a family (and maybe invite my mom who started the Passover celebration for our family) but we will have to see when we have time. Possibly the first week in August (?).

Our last lapbook piece of for our Ancient Egyptian studies was a flora and fauna piece – I printed off a bunch of clipart and had Treyton cut out the ones he wanted to add to his book.


Treyton labeled a map of the Israelites route from Egypt to the promised land.


Language Arts

For Spelling this week we are on step 16, the sound of /ar/ spelled –ar. This list was easy for him – he flew right through it.

Treyton has continued working in his ETC book, but has actually struggled a little bit more on this lesson. He was working on the sounds of /al/ (ball) and is now working on /ol/ (as in old). He keeps on reading it /al/ for /ol/ so we are taking it a little slower this week and trying to learn the difference.

Extra Curricular Activities

Swim classes started this week, we have three weeks worth 4 days a week. Treyton is in Level 2 Alexa in Level 1A, both of them are doing GREAT!

Piano: Treyton has been doing private lessons once a week with his teacher for the past 2 weeks. Counting this week we have two more private lessons this summer – however, he is doing so much better in the private lessons we are considering switching him to private lessons instead of the class style.


We started to row Grandfather’s Journey this week which I will posting about separately, but I wanted to briefly point out that Alexa spent some of her school time focusing on that.

She continued through her singapore math book, now that we are up to number 10, she is doing a lot more counting worksheets, which she enjoys and can do several a day.  Math is not her favorite subject however, and she only likes to spend about 5-10 minutes before going on to something else.

She continues to practice her letters, getting better and better at her “tough letters” (like g, k, y, v and the letter 2). I am proud of her progress and her resolve to master them.

Her reading is going very well. We read the second story in her AAR reader.

In Explode the Code she finished two lessons – letter v and z.


For Alexa instead of focusing on the plagues we started learning about creation early (we will be learning about creation next week in TOG). She actually just learned about the 7 days of Creation in Sunday School so this was good review. We focused on the first 2 days of creation this week, I had her start a creation book using card stock. She really really enjoyed making them and I think they really helped her remember what was created on those days. My goal for her is that she can remember what was made on each day, but that might be asking a lot. But so far, so good, she was able to tell dad at dinner God made on those two days. I will post pictures of both her and Treyton creation books next week.

Creation Links (also used in Week 4)

Creation Felt Board I used for creation sequencing

Creation Timeline Pieces and Worksheet I also used for sequencing

Creation Mini Book from DLTK

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