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Week 4: Creation thru Noah

We ended up spreading week 4 over two weeks because our schedule was so busy, but I have this goal to get our first unit (9 weeks of school) in by September, so I didn’t want to take two full weeks off. I have big plans to have free time for after the baby arrives, so that I don’t have to put pressure on me and the kids…. because, well, you never know how smoothly life-changing transitions are going to go. :)



We read (Treyton mostly read with my help) in Genesis 1 and 2, about Creation this week. I believe both of the kids have managed to memorize at least half of the days of creation, Treyton may have them all. I personally think this is great, seeing as how I think I just managed to figure them out myself. IMG_3271

Creation Books

I learned a little bit this week, and instead of having him draw and caption all of the days of creation, I only had him complete a Creation Book similar to the one I was having Alexa make. The only difference was that I had Alexa make her on 8.5x11 paper and had Treyton do his on half sheets of paper. They both did a really great job.

Alexa’s Book






Treyton’s Book




A is for Adam Student Sheet

Treyton completed the student sheet for TOG coming up with one thing that God has made for each letter.  This stretched his brain for sure ;) it took him two days to complete, but thankfully, he still enjoyed it. IMG_3372 The Structure of the Earth

Tapestry introduced the concept of Pangaea – the mega continent that is believed to have existed (millions of years, yeah right!) before the flood. Treyton was having a mind-blowing brain explosion with this concept --- he speculated all sorts of ideas, and asked lots of questions. I found a few videos on you tube that he watched of what it might have looked like, and it slowly splitting apart. Of course I explained to him that IF Pangaea really existed, we know that it couldn’t have taken millions of years to spread apart, it would have split apart (much more quickly) during the flood. IMG_3282Of course while discussing the idea of Pangaea we had to talk about plates and the structure of earth. I had Treyton label the layers of the earth (simply). I found a very cute printable at first grade fanatics blog. IMG_3346

I also had Treyton make a play-doh earth with the three layers representing the crust, mantle and core. After we made it, I let Treyton cut in half (of course his favorite part) to see how it would look. IMG_3330 

IMG_3339  IMG_3342Other Reading

Treyton finished reading Flat Stanley: His Original Adventure this week. He really enjoyed learning about the origin of his beloved flat Stanley.

We are also still reading through Pagoo. We happened to find a spread in one of our magazines on hermit crabs that we got to read together. IMG_3370

We are really enjoying Pagoo and the kids and I are learning lots about life in the tide pools. This week we learned about:

  • Mussel Byssus Threads, which hold the mussel stationary. I found a video on youtube (of course) to try to illustrate it – we watched it a little bit but I don’t think it was super educational or anything.
  • Tides: Treyton was still struggling a little bit with the concept of tides but after watching a tide video, it clicked and now he’s got it down!
  • Molting: He has of course has learned about the concept of molting before, but I think he is finally relating the actual word to what is happening.

Language Arts

  • For our word bank this week Treyton wrote pronouns on yellow cards. IMG_3373
  • I signed both kids up for the Read, Write, Type program on-line – it was $55 for a 5 year subscription (I think). Treyton has already done it so he is already several levels in, but Alexa has just started. IMG_3421  IMG_3428They both LOVED this game and I’m excited to see them both learn the skill of typing.
  • He completed All About Spelling step 17 this week, which was a list of words with the spelling –or.

Math: Alexa

Alexa reviewed her numbers 1-10, forward and backward. I had her use her UNO cards to practice coming up with the next number. The first time we went through it I had her come up with the number before it, the second time, I had her come up with the number after it. IMG_3435

We are almost through unit 4 in her Singapore book and I plan on skimming/skipping through unit 5 which is basically matching shapes. She isn’t super strong in her shapes, but none of the activities I’ve read so far are really what I’m looking for – I have a few hands on activities planned in stead.    IMG_3433

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