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Week 6: The Patriarchs From Ur to Egypt


Our primary reading was in the Bible this week – I took a patriarch per day (Abraham on Monday, Isaac on Tuesday, Jacob on Thursday, Joseph and His Brothers on Friday) and we read about them. After we would read about them I had a craft for Alexa to complete and I would have Treyton either complete a lapbook piece or complete a draw and caption page.

Abraham & Isaac 

IMG_3740 Abraham and Isaac Wheel

IMG_3741 Jacob

IMG_3829  Jacob’s Ladder DLTK Collage


After studying Joseph we made thumbprint family trees (one of the patriarchs and one for our family).  

IMG_3831 Thumbprint Family Tree Printable



Language Arts:  IMG_3757As we’ve continued to add words to our word-bank I decided to add color-coded cards to the word bank to help Treyton and I review.

This week we learned about sentences. “A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought” we have also started working on the four different types of sentences – covering the declarative/statement sentence this week.


After finally putting together our sentence board, Treyton worked on putting even more sentences together this week using his word box. We talked about the different types of words that he used and that ever sentence has to have a subject and a predicate to be a complete sentence.

I quizzed him by making a few fragments and actual sentences – he didn’t get a single one wrong.


This week we did not row a book to go along with our science. We worked on finishing up our animal studies – we learned about Mammals (which was more like review for the kids) and then we moved into reviewing what we learned about all the invertebrates and vertebrates.

Animal Classification

I printed off the animal classification cards from Homeschool Creations, these were great for the kids to do some hands on classification with – I would highly recommend them (and they’re free!) IMG_3735

I also printed off the Animal Classification Graph from Homeschool Share and had the kids pick animals out of our animal bin and graph them. IMG_3765Both of the kids LOVE graphing, so this was a fun activity for the both of them. IMG_3760They would take turns pulling an animal out of the box and then graphing it on our graphs.   IMG_3761  IMG_3764I used the pictures from this site to make vertebrate classification poster for our school wall.


Math Alexa is flying through her Kindergarten math book covering two units (6 and 7) this week. We first worked on patterns, which I had her do mostly hands on with beads and magnetic tanagram shapes. She rocked it. IMG_3736

Unit 7 was on measuring things and sizes. I had her and Treyton measure (in footsteps) the living room – we talked about how they came up with different numbers because they are different sizes, which is why we use specific measurements (like inches, feet, yards, etc.). That was as much as I talked with her about specific measurements. For the rest of the time she worked on finding the tallest, shortest, widest, etc. items in her workbook. She did great.

We also continued working on putting numbers 1-20 in order together. She does really, really well with her numbers 1-12 and pretty well from numbers 13-20.


Alexa started her Explode the Code book 1 this week – this was HUGE for her. She was soo sooo sooo excited to get her new book and get started. She started with her pretest which she passed with flying colors. We then started working on lesson 1 which focuses on the short sound /a/, primarily –at words. She read and then wrote many of the –at words.

This is her first attempt at really writing words other than her name. She had started doing it on her own earlier this week – writing the word dog (which incidentally she would write backwards spelling it g-o-d) before we even got to book 1, I think that the transition is happening at a perfect time for her.

It is such an exciting time!

Field Trip: Zoo

On Wednesday of this week we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo for the first time I thought it would be the perfect ending to our animal kingdom unit. I am posting our trip separately but let’s leave it to say that Audrey ended up getting the stomach flu while we were there, so it didn’t go as smoothly as one could hope.



Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors Craft on DLTK

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Virginia Lee said...

Hi Amber,

I've been out of the bloggy world for a bit. Life happening and all of that. But I smiled to see that ya'll have been using TOG. We are using Year 2 Unit 4 to finish up the American History we did last year. Plus adding some to it. We take things slower and more in depth. Might have to stop that eventually or we'll never leave this American History time period. =)

I love how detailed your posts are and with your thoughts on things intermingled. Your blog is wonderful for ideas! Plus you children are always a joy to see. There are many similarities between your kiddos and mine. It is wonderful to see another family who loves homelearning.

Also, congrats on your little one due in October! We are having baby number four as well, a boy, in November.

God Bless,
Virginia Lee