Friday, September 21, 2012

Titus Jacob 9/17/2012 @ 11:56am

Titus Jacob was born on Monday, the 17th at 11:56 am.

Titus Jacob 018He weighed 4 pounds 11 ounces and was 19 inches long. He was born at 34 weeks 6 days, so after spending moments with mom, he was taken to the NICU. Titus Jacob 013

He remains in the NICU now. Titus Jacob 003Though he is healthy (praise God), he is unable to suck and feed himself enough to maintain a healthy weight or lifestlye. He is currently on a feeding tube, but we are working on transitioning him to the bottle or breast, slowly as he develops the skills necessary. Titus Jacob 008It all sounds very technical (now that I’m typing it) but in reality, Titus is healthy and a VERY content and happy baby, we are just waiting for him to be able to develop enough to be able feed (suck for) himself to come home.   

Titus Jacob 048 (9/19/2012)Titus Jacob 039 

Titus Jacob 041 

Titus Jacob 060 (9/20/2012)

Titus Jacob 078 (9/20/2012)

Mom is doing, okay. I had some pretty serious health issues in the latter days of the pregnancy and post-delivery in the hospital requiring lots of IVs, lab work and in the end a blood transfusion. I was discharged yesterday, which is great, but that now means we have 25-30 minute drive to see Titus and get home. With the older three at home we are trying to see Titus twice a day and spend some time during the middle of the day with the older three. Titus Jacob 061

We are extremely blessed by the family and friends in our life that have stepped up to help us out in this time! Childcare and meals are a few things that other than managing and putting together we haven’t really had to think about. Titus Jacob 079

At this point we have no idea when Titus will be able to come home, we’ve heard anything from a week to two weeks. I’m trying not to hope for sooner, but honestly, I’m really praying for sooner.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Field Trip: Hands-On Art Studio

A while back (like a year ago) Tim had told me about a hands-on art studio up in door county that he had wanted to take the kids to… apparently there was some miscommunication on what exactly this place was all about, because I TOTALLY did not realize how awesome this place was. Long story short, we didn’t go see it when he had recommended it, until I found out about “on my own”, and then I thought it was a great idea.

It’s a do-it-yourself art studio with ceramics, mosaics, metal art, glass fusing and more. While camping up in Door County this past weekend we decided to take a little field trip over there to check it out. Come to find out it WAS as awesome as I thought it was!! :)

After walking through all of the buildings and art areas, Alexa and I chose to paint ceramics IMG_4428while Treyton and Dad decided to do metal art (no surprises there :)) IMG_4443Thankfully Grandma Lex and Papa Luke were there to help Alexa (while mom worked on hers), IMG_4442_edited-1and keep an eye on Audrey who wasn’t interested in art as much as touching everything. :) IMG_4431It was such a fun experience. I cannot wait to go back. I have some other kitchen dishes that I would like to add to my collection.   IMG_4432I wasn’t able to watch Tim and Treyton work on their project, but they made a beautiful flower! IMG_4436 This is Treyton’s first experience with welding, as soon as he knew metal was an option, he wasn’t going to do anything else – he made his daddy proud.  IMG_4440

Here are Alexa’s and I’s finished projects: Hands On Projects As well as Treyton’s which is outside in our flower bed facing our window giving us color all throughout the year ;) : Hands On Projects2

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Field Trip: The Farm

While we were in Door County camping this past weekend we visited The Farm, a living museum of rural America.

The kids really, really enjoyed it. Treyton told me 3 or 4 times while we were there “Thanks for bringing us here, Mom.” IMG_4461Right when we got there, the kids got to bottle feed some baby goats. IMG_4463 The kids were pretty psyched about the whole experience. IMG_4466

Audrey of course loved all the animals. She is such a laugher and squealer, it’s a blessing to watch.

IMG_4470The next stop was feeding the big animals (goats, sheep, pigs, horses, etc.) Audrey would attempt to give the animals one corn kernel at a time ;) IMG_4475 

IMG_4479Not too surprisingly, the kids, Tim and I really enjoyed the garden portion, too. Looking at all the vegetables and herbs fully grown felt good for some reason. IMG_4487The kids particularly liked running through the different types of corn IMG_4500

… and sitting on the pumpkinsIMG_4510 … until they fell on top of one another, that is :) IMG_4513 

IMG_4517On the grounds there were also a lot of little buildings and old rural items to look at: an old T-ford, a lime kiln, an old wood working shop, granary and more. IMG_4529 Here are the kids in the lime kiln. IMG_4535Our favorite animal was probably either the horse or cattle – the kids could not get over the horns :) IMG_4543 We couldn’t exactly blame them, they were pretty massive. IMG_4556 

IMG_4565_edited-1This was a great little field trip – of course anytime you get to be up close and personal with the animals it’s a good time, but the old buildings and machines were a lot of fun as well.  IMG_4571

I’m very grateful that Treyton is getting to the age where he appreciates the field trips and asks lots of questions. He is interested in more than just playing and touching animals (not that there is anything wrong with that), he wonders how old things are, what things do and really tries to picture how everything works together – all the while enjoying it!!

What a blessing.

FIAR: Miss Rumphius


We started our second week on plants, we studied seeds, leaves, stems and roots a little more closely this week as well as what plants need to grow and how they make their own foods.  To go along with our plant studies we rowed Miss Rumphius this week. Incidentally, while at the library for this row, we found the book on audio CD there, which is how the kids read most of the book for the week (this offered a nice reading break for mama).

miss-rumphiusGo-Along Books

  • Once There was a Seed
  • Plants Make Their Own Food

Growing Seeds in a CD Case

I found this activity from Art Projects for Kids. We have done the seeds in the jar thing so I thought this would be a fun way to do a routine experiment. Treyton really enjoyed it. IMG_4426

How Seeds Travel

We completed the Homeschool Share lapbook piece and went outside to look at different types of seeds. We talked about how seeds travel from the “mother-plant” to where they can actually grow in the ground – the three main ways being wind, people and animals. IMG_3628

We spent a lot of time discussing burrs, which for whatever reason are Treyton’s infatuation this summer :) 

Seed Booklets

I found these seed booklets on homeschool share and had the kids complete them. Alexa was amazed at how different some of the seeds looked from the flowers/plants. IMG_4223Seed Dissection & Lab

Treyton’s science lab this week was learning about monocot and dicot seeds. We soaked both bean and corn seeds overnight and then Treyton cut them both in half.

He labeled the parts of both. IMG_4221

I’m not sure he really understood the monocot vs. dicot concept, but he did enjoy the activity and was able to see first hand the parts of the seed up close and personal. Before this he did not realize that there was actually a baby plant (embryo) in the seed, nor did he realize that the bulk of the seed is food for the growing baby plant.

What Plants Need

My big focus with Alexa this week was having her remember the three/four things that all plants need to grow (air, sun, water and soil – though not all plants need dirt)  IMG_4350

I used this game from Homeschool Creations to really illustrate the lesson.

Leaves & Photosynthesis

We learned that plants make their own food using the sunlight, water and carbon dioxide, and that they need all of these ingredients in order to properly make that food. IMG_4348

To illustrate this point we covered several leaves on our plants outside to see what would happen if they received water and oxygen but no sunlight. After a week we pulled off the foil, but sadly, none of our leaves lost their color… I’m not sure why, Treyton was extremely disappointed, but I still explained to him what normally should happen, and that maybe we should have waited longer than a week.

One thing that really got Treyton excited was was the fact that what we breath out (carbon dioxide) plants use to make their own food while they “breath out”/release what we need (oxygen). We talked about God’s design being perfect, and what an amazing Creator He is!


Alexa made a Thumbprint Lupine craft (it was meant to be a Hyacinth, but it worked ;)) IMG_4343Alexa LOVES any crafts but if you give her any type of paint she’s in her own little version of heaven. IMG_4351

Field Trip: Library


In the story Miss Rumphius worked in a library “dusting books and keeping them from getting mixed up, and helping people find the ones they wanted.IMG_4377

We took a field trip to the library, Audrey was a little spastic this day so we didn’t get to discover as much about the library as I had wanted BUT Alexa did get her first library card!!  IMG_4378 It was an exciting day.

Geography: Where is Maine?

Maine is one of the four states that Alexa knows, so we didn’t have to spend much time on the geography part this week. She colored Maine on a map of the United States.

EXTRA LINKS: Miss Rumphius

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