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FIAR: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

As we moved into our study of plants, I decided to row The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This worked out for two different reasons – the first being we could easily tie in our science study of plants as well as a little side-tracking on Great Britain/London. With the London 2012 Olympics going on currently, I knew Treyton would be interested. The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Commemorative Edition (Potter)

We will be spending two weeks on our plants unit. Tentatively this is our Plant Unit and Rowing Schedule for the next two weeks:

  • Week 1: Parts of the Flower, Reproduction & Lifecycle
    • Rowing: The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • Week 2: Seeds, Leaves, Stems and Roots
    • Rowing: Miss Rumphius

Parts of a Flower 

I had Alexa label the simple parts of a flower: roots, flowers, leaves and stems and we talked simply about each of the jobs of the plant. IMG_3916


I found these activities from the Garden Preschool Unit from Homeschool Creations and the 2 Teaching Mommies Flower Unit.

We also did the parts of a flower craft from Homeschool CreationsIMG_3928

In Treyton’s science curriculum we talked about the parts of a flower and the reproduction process. He labeled and colored the flower parts. IMG_3920We went outside and found some flowers that we could easily identify the pistil, petals and stamens on. IMG_4205We then started dissecting them to examine them closer.  IMG_4210 


Vegetables vs. Flowers

Alexa sorted vegetables and flowers from the Homeschool Creations garden pack.

IMG_4213 This was not a problem at all for her. IMG_4214

Trying Radishes

In the story Peter Rabbit eats radishes out of Mr. McGregor’s garden. We don’t eat a lot of radishes around here, like ever, so Treyton had asked what they were. I took the opportunity to introduce him to this delicious :) root.   IMG_3905

IMG_3907He preferred them whole to sliced, and I was surprised that throughout the day he actually tried it again…. and again… though I don’t think he really liked it, I think he appreciated the new flavor and wanted to remember it. IMG_3912

In the end, Treyton mostly just loved to take the radishes outside and smash them with his bat. He thought it was a big hoot!


  • The Apple-Pip Princess by Jane Ray
    • By chance Alexa picked up this book at the library (because there was a princess in it) but it actually illustrated in a fun way the process of planting seeds and sowing. It went along well with our seed studies.

Language Arts: Onomatopoeia

One of the kids most memorable parts of the book is when Mr. McGregor is hoeing the garden with the “scritch, scratch, scratch, scritch” they would randomly repeat it throughout (and since) our time rowing it.

I took this opportunity to introduce Onomatopoeias to them. An Onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like the action it describes. Somewhat last minute I put some books on hold in our library system for even more practice with Onomatopoeia’s – they were a little late in arriving, but it wasn’t a big deal, as I have learned once you start discussing the idea of an onomatopoeia they seem to show up EVERYWHERE!

One of the books that we really enjoyed reading together was called “If You Were Onomatopoeia” by Trisha Speed Shaskan. Treyton helped me read it by reading all the onomatopoeia words – and it was after this book that he started to at least say the word “Onomatopoeia”! :)

Geography: Great Britain

I had Alexa color an England Flag after we found England on the globe. IMG_3902At which time we also completed our “Where is England?” Lapbook piece from Homeschool Share

Story Activities

The kids worked together to complete a True or False Worksheet about the story as well as a Story Sequencing (First or Second) which I found in a Peter Rabbit Unit from Simple Schooling.

I found this trowel activity at Homeschool Creations, Alexa put numbers 1-20 in order and then I hid the trowel and had her guess where I had hidden it. IMG_4217

She loved this game so much we ended up playing it for over 30 minutes.

Alexa’s Narration

“Peter Rabbit went to Mr. McGregor’s garden, his mom said don’t, he disobeyed. His mom went to the baker’s and the other kids were nice because they picked blueberries in the woods. Peter ate some radishes and carrots and beans, and then he felt kind of sick. Then he saw Mr. McGregor who was picking leaves out of his garden. Peter lost his shoes when he was running and his coat. He was running away from Mr. McGregor. He got some tea because his body was hurting, and then he went to bed.”




Lapbook Piece How Seeds Travel

Peter Rabbit Coloring Page






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Peter Rabbit Coloring Page (leaving his jacket)

I printed off this Grid Flower Coloring Page for Alexa but it was a little too tough for her.

Label the Flower Printable from 1+1+1=1

Peter Rabbit Character Analysis – I wanted to put a picture of Peter Rabbit in the middle and have Alexa brainstorm words to describe him but sadly, we never got to this activity.

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