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Week 7: The Tabernacle and The Law

This week we started a three-week series on “In the Wilderness” where we will study more of the stories that occurred in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). This week we focused on the 10 commandments, the tabernacle and the high priests garments. In addition we also started studying the Jewish holidays, focusing on Shabbat (the sabbath) this week.
History Read-Alouds
Movie: 10 Commandments 
The kids also watched the movie "The Ten Commandments" this week. I'm not sure where we picked this one up at or if it was given to us some point (the more likely scenario) but the kids really enjoy it and watch it quite a bit.

Lapbook Pieces IMG_3913
10 Commandments Craft
I found this Tea Bag 10 Commandment Craft (and printable) and thought it looked so cool, so I pulled it out this week as we went through the 10 commandments. IMG_4204
(Both of the kids did this craft, but for some reason I only have a picture of Treyton’s)
I have not required either of the kids to memorize the 10 commandments, though TOG recommends it. But I did have them tell me which ones they could remember.  IMG_3934They (mostly Treyton) did really well. I think I could have done a better job focusing on the 10 Commandments with Alexa this week, but truth be told, the week got away from me before I knew it.  IMG_3930
Maybe this is something we could work on over our upcoming break.
Draw & Caption Page: Tabernacle
Treyton has never been introduced to the Tabernacle before so this was a new thing for him. I did my best to describe it to him and to read the portions of scripture that wouldn’t lose him in all the descriptive wording (he gets lost in the detail sometimes). IMG_4201We used one of the Student Sheets on our Draw and Caption page to label the Tabernacle. His caption was: “The Tabernacle: anyone could go into the courtyard, the priest went into the holy place.” While we did go over all of the pieces and parts of the Tabernacle, I doubt he remembers them even now. My goal (and I believe we were successful) was to have him remember what the Tabernacle was (the place where God’s glory dwelt among the people) and that they offered sacrifices there for their sins and as worship to God.
Shabbat: Make Challah Bread
IMG_4216After learning about the Jewish Sabbath, we made our own Challah Bread – even braiding it. The kids liked it, although the bread never did really rise so it was a little “thick and doughy” for bread, the flavor was still good. IMG_4220
Aaron’s High Priest Garment IMG_4203
I found this High Priest Paper Doll and it looked like something easy we could add to Treyton’s history notebook.
Language Arts
Tapestry of Grace is starting to cruise through the Parts of Speech. So I am not requiring him to memorize them, like I was before and I am helping him fill out his word bank cards a little bit more. When I introduced prepositions this week I also had him do a preposition, verb and noun sort here, for a little bit more practice.
To work more for mastery, we are continuing to go through our First Language Lessons book (level 1) we are almost through it. This week we started looking at what a sentence is and going through the four types of sentences. We will probably finish this book in the next week and start up level 2 after our break.
We are taking it slow with Latin. Working through lesson 1 over the course of two weeks. Treyton is loving it!! He asks to watch the DVDs and do his workbook, which is a great relief. He has always been interested in other languages, so I’m pretty sure he would feel this way regardless of which language we were working on. I am very impressed with Prima Latin and how it is done. I look forward to using it this year.
Preschool – Alexa
Alexa is cruising through most of her school work. I’m thinking now that halfway through the year I’m going to need to reevaluate some things and order some new books/curriculum for her.
She did two handwriting lessons this week (l and n), finished up her Kindergarten Math Book A and started Book B, and finished lesson 1 in her Explode the Code book 1.
I am having her stop in AAR for now, after introducing the /i/ sound, she began to confuse her vowels a little bit so it was a nice breather as we started working through the ETC (book 1) /a/ lessons as well as the AAS /a/ lessons. This way she is sure to have a mastery of /a/ before we move on to the next short vowel sounds.
She is reading extremely well and would seriously do 2 lessons of ETC a day if I would let her. Though I’m assuming she would need to slow down at some point, he seemingly have not hit that point yet. She has recently, on her own, become interested in writing words, although she still rights backwards at times, she does a great job sounding out the smaller words and starting the bigger words on her own.
I am enjoying doing the extra FIAR work with her. It keeps her busy and ensures that she is getting in some literature and good story time, though I have to admit on days when time is tight Five in a Row is the first to go. While it is helping me be more deliberate about doing science with the kids, this is one area where I see the academic difference between Alexa and Treyton the most, and I tend to spend more time catering to Treyton than I do Alexa…. not necessarily right, but the truth.
Tot School – Audrey
IMG_3927I had Audrey watch a baby brainy video this week. She loved it, I almost wish that I would have tried them sooner. She mimicked a lot of what they said and actually was occupied for the duration of the movie (I don’t think I’ve ever seen her sit through a movie before – short or long). 
Her speech therapy is going pretty well. She is learning more sounds, and is at a break through point as far as putting more than one word/syllable together, though once she does she is a little less clear. However, the big thing is that she is trying, which she wasn’t doing before. Before when we would ask her to say something she would often just ignore us – now she tries, understandable or not, she is at least attempting it.
Extra Science: Tadpoles
We received our tadpoles this week in the mail and the kids have had a lot of fun watching them swim around. At this point they are really tiny, but active little guys! This is going to be so much fun!!

Extra Links
Ark of Covenant Coloring Page from DLTK
Ark of Covenant Coloring Page from Little Lambs Ministry
Printable Paper Model of Tabernacle we did not do this, but it looked way cool…. maybe when the kids are older 
Directions for making a simple Ark of Covenant (found on pages 5-7)
Pronoun Sort from here

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