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Week 8 & 9: In the Wilderness

We had a some-what condensed week 9 for a couple of reason. TOG has a pretty light week 9, allowing students a chance to catch up and work on any unfinished projects which we didn’t have and because we went out of town to visit some friends. But in the end, we finished our first Tapestry of Grace Unit strong.

(I’m combining our post because of the condensed week and because I took fewer pictures the last two weeks.)

History Read-Alouds

Treyton Reading

Treyton really enjoys the Mercy Watson books. They are readers that are right at his level, They have nicely illustrated pages which he really likes and short chapters. Many days he will ask to read more than one chapter which is a big deal for him. He finished the book 1 this week and while we were half price books we happened to find books 2 and 4 (there are 6 all together). Of course Treyton would never even consider reading them out of order, so I will need to get book 3 before he can get to book 4. :)

Jewish Holidays

We finished up our study of the Jewish holidays this week. We didn’t get to all of them. I chose to do only as many as I thought that the kids would remember. I chose to read and learn about:

  • Passover
  • Yom Kippur
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Sukkot
  • Shavout 

I actually received a Shofar that my grandparents had after they passed away, I’ve had it up on a shelf in the living room for several months now, so when we read about the blowing of the Shofar during some of the holidays, the kids knew exactly what we were talking about. We even took it down and attempted to blow it ourselves (it didn’t work) but at least we tried :)

Lapbook: Israelite History

We’ve been putting pieces together now for 6 weeks, we assembled all of our pieces this week (week 9). This seemed like a really big project when Treyton first saw all of the pieces he had, but he really enjoys putting them all together.  IMG_4419


Passover Meal

We had our very own simple passover meal while my mom was here last weekend. IMG_4227I created a Sedar Plate and we went through the elements relating them both to the Israelite history and to us now as Christians. (Thankfully I still had the frozen roasted shank bone and egg from my mom in my freezer which saved a LOT of time)  IMG_4225 The kids loved the candle element of our meal and the fact that we let them drink all the grape juice they could handle (not a normal for our dinner time). We explained that in most of the Jewish Holiday meals the lighting of the candles means it the start of the meal. IMG_4229

We used to do an actual Christian Passover at my house when I was younger, and I’ve even done them a couple of times at our home since we’ve been married, but this was a much simpler version (no haggadah involved). I’m still glad that we did it, to get the kids acquainted with it and hopefully one day, when the kids get a little older and can sit through an actual Passover meal we will do them every year. It’s a memory that I hold very dear, and it’s probably the most Bible centered of all of our holidays.

Draw and Caption: Israelite Camp & Corrections

We used the Old Testament Days book to help us (we worked together) to draw a simple version of the Israelite camp in the desert, which Treyton then captioned. IMG_4421

We also took this week to go back and make any corrections on our older draw and caption pages. I noticed this past week as we were flipping through his History Notebook that there were a few misspelled words, non capitalized beginning of sentences and a few missed punctuations. In general his pages were pretty good, but it was nice to go back and correct any of the minor mistakes. 

Random Read-Alouds (Treyton & Alexa)


Treyton has moved on to division in math now. I’m not sure how I feel about them moving so quickly through some of these concepts. I know that they’re “not done” with the mastery of the lessons and what-not, but I felt a little overwhelmed (as a teacher) moving on to division already.

Treyton seems fine with it. He is still heavily using manipulatives with his division problems as we are learning what exactly division means. His biggest pitfall is making sure he finds the answer to the problem HOW he/I ask the problem.

For example: 6 divided by 2, if I say 6 divided into 2 groups equals how many pieces in each group? He has a tendency to take 2 pieces and put them into 3 groups, instead of making 2 equal groups. I have to watch him at this point throughout his math exercises to make sure he is understanding WHAT he is doing and not just getting the right answer. (Not sure if that makes sense or not, but it’s hard to explain in writing).

Preschool – Alexa


Alexa completed Lesson 2 in her Explode the Code book this week as well as part of Lesson 3. IMG_4336She also had her first spelling test with 10 short /a/ words including (map, hat, am, an, pan, etc.) she did great!! I am so proud of her. IMG_4337


She is already up to Unit 12 in her new math book. After our break we will be working on numbers 1-20. She does pretty well with numbers 10-20, but struggles when counting to remember 15, and has a hard time recognizing 19 and 20.

I have been having her already put numbers 1-20 in order at least twice a week to get lots of practice and she is consistently improving.


She is getting a little “bored” with her handwriting, as we are still working through worksheets for the lower case letters, which she already “knows”. I try to remind her it isn’t about learning the letters but making them neat, and having more practice, but she doesn’t seem to care. :)

She is becoming more and more interesting in some of the capital letters that she doesn’t already know. Some days I will have her work through 2 or even 3 lessons in a day (she likes this).

Tot School – Audrey

I have tried to become more intentional in story-time and even play-time with Audrey. Because she doesn’t talk/communicate well, sometimes I allow her to just follow along with whatever we are doing, but I want to be sure I give her as much one-on-one time and attention that I can.

This week we read together:

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See by Eric Carle
  • Llama Llama Misses Mama
  • I’m Dirty by Kate & Jim McMullan
  • Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner

Fun: Card Making


Some friends of ours had a baby this past week, the kids are friends with their kids, and we decided to make them all cards. IMG_4382Each of them added their own taste and personality for their friends, it was great to see them pour so much of themselves into showing their friends love.      

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