Sunday, October 28, 2012

Artist Study: Henri Matisse

Books We Read

Pieces of Art We Studied:

image The Roof of Collioure

image The Plum Blossoms

image The Snail

image The King’s Sadness

image Harmony in Red

image Woman with a Hat

Activities and Art Projects

Treyton painted a copy of Woman with a Hat from Making Learning Fun



While studying A King’s Sadness we completed the puzzle from Confession’s of a Homeschoolers Artist Study


While studying The Roof of Collioure we discussed the technique of pointillism. We used crayons and melted them with candles to create our own dot-filled creations. This project actually took a long while to complete – several hours, but we loved it!



IMG_5144   IMG_5135 



And the finished projects:

IMG_5173 Treyton’s he called it “The Bright Blue Sky”

IMG_5174 Mom’s

IMG_5175Alexa’s – it was supposed to be a letter S (for her last name) but she got overly excited with all the colors :)

When studying The Snail we discussed Matisse’s style he called painting with scissors. We painted 6 pages of colors (which worked out perfectly during the week Alexa was learning about color mixing :)) and then the kids cut them out and created their own works of art.  IMG_5242  IMG_5245


(For some reason I don’t have a picture of Alexa’s, but it turned out nice).

We had a great time studying about the artist Matisse.

This study took us about 6 weeks to complete.


Nicole said...

Hi There! I know that you are using Tapestry, but is that where you're getting your state studies? I have an almost 6 year old and am trying to figure out how best to do a state study. I want to do one state every week or two and learn basic facts, where it is, and some traditions or foods that come from there. I love how you do your units and was wondering if you had any tips other then just starting to research and create my own units for each state.

I also was wondering how you approach history? I want to start with early american history (I think???). It seems like most people are starting with world history (creation to rome and such). Do you have a preference for that?

I love following along with your super students! I will be using ALL of your resources for Thanksgiving next month and am very excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Great artist study! The crayon creations are really neat!

Kristina said...

We'll be rowing "Little Nino's Pizzeria" and an art topic is about Matisse! Love all your art activities-- I think my son would enjoy them. And isn't color mixing so much fun?!