Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FIAR: Storm in the Night

Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz

This story is about a little boy and his grandfather sitting through a storm that has taken out the electricity. The Grandfather, a great storyteller, tells a story of a time, when he was a young boy himself, and he was scared of storms.

This week in our row we focused primarily on weather.

Read Alouds

My Fears

Alexa and I put together a fear mapping page.


We then talked about what the Bible had to say about fears. We looked up Isaiah 40:10 and wrote it down.


The following day, I had Alexa copy the verse herself. This is the first experience she has had with copywork.

Science Notebook

Because we are now switching from Life Science to Earth Science I had Treyton design a new science binder to start collecting all of our science labs, worksheets and lapbooks. He did a great job grasping the “Earth Science” topic and included clouds, rocks, earth, the sun, stars and more on his page. IMG_5162He is a “binder kid” and prefers all of his work to be in binders (which is awesome, because I too am and “binder kid” ;)) so this was probably the highlight for him this week – A NEW BINDER!! IMG_5164

Magic School Bus Movie: Kicking Up a Storm

I found the Magic School Bus Series on DVD on Amazon, and thought it was reasonably priced considering all the episodes you got so I purchased it. The kids LOVE it and we have watched not only the storm episode to go along with this weeks weather unit, but also the digestion, germ and butterfly episodes.


We worked on reading thermometers this week, something Treyton already has down pretty well, but it was good review. IMG_5165I found a couple of easy worksheets that he completed, which I thought he would enjoy and was a good start our weather unit.

Storms & Weather

We learned what three main elements effect the weather: sun (temperature), water (moisture) and air (wind).

Science: Make a Rain Gauge

Tim made a rain gauge with Treyton on Tuesday, and luckily we actually got some rain this week. IMG_5055We ended up getting a 1/2 inch on Wednesday and then 3 inches over the weekend. IMG_5056I had actually bought a $5 rain gauge on amazon, thinking that we might not get to making a rain gauge this week (yes, my husband is awesome), but it actually ended up being nice to have the chance to compare our rain gauge’s accuracy – which it was right on!! Way to go boys!


We discussed the three main types of clouds: cumulus, stratus and cirrus this week.

And what clouds are made out of: tiny droplets of water

Science Experiment: Make a Cloud

We made our own cloud by putting hot water in a jar and some ice in a metal pan. IMG_5065After the pan had time to cool, we put it on top of the jar and watched as a cloud formed near the top of the jar.IMG_5072When we took the pan off we could actually see the cloud come out. IMG_5067

Keep a Weather & Cloud Journal

Treyton has been keeping a weather journal for a while, so I had him keep a cloud journal for a couple of weeks; while I had Alexa keep a weather journal (which she has been doing for a while) but we talked more about it than usual.

Different Types of Clouds (Craft & Lapbook)

I had Alexa make the three different types of clouds we studied this week using cotton balls. IMG_5097

Treyton completed a lapbook piece drawing each type of cloud we were studying to put into his science journal. IMG_5166


Science: Make and Anemometer

We attempted to make an anemometer to measure wind speed. IMG_5102The assembly itself wasn’t too bad, but we never did have success with it spinning the way it was supposed to (even on a windy day). Our pinwheels did much better.

Fun Craft: Make a Pinwheel

We colored and assembled pinwheels from Living Life Intentionally’s Weather Unit.    IMG_5105_edited-1




Science: What Makes the Seasons

We read “Sunshine Makes the Seasons” and did the classic orange and flashlight experiment where we stuck a skewer through the orange to show the tilt of the earth – labeling the North and South poles, and then had one student walk the earth around the sun (flashlight) to illustrate that at different times of the year we are tilted closer or further from the earth creating longer and shorter days which thus creates our seasons. IMG_5129

Season Wheel

They also colored a Seasons Spin Wheel. IMG_5168Both of the kids know the four seasons, I am working with Treyton to learn which months are a part of which seasons.

Seasons Paper Doll

Alexa colored her own paper doll with clothes for all different seasons. IMG_5159I thought she would love this activity, but to be honest, it was like pulling teeth to get her to color and cut it out. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  IMG_5160    

Art: Paint a Rainbow


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