Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 10: The Indus Valley

Well, we did our best to start school back up this week. It was a little rough, as I figured out on Wednesday that I was not only recovering from the delivery and HELLP but I was also struggling with a severe case of bronchitis and needed to go on anitbiotics (which I totally hate doing, but it was so bad, I actually agreed to pump and dump for 5 days while I went on them…. yes, it was pretty rough).

Even with the lack of energy and fever on mom’s part, we still managed to get some good school done in the mornings when I was able to muster up a little more energy. Thanks to Dad I have actually been sleeping pretty well through the nights (even with a newborn). We didn’t do all of the hands-on activities that I had planned, but I figured that was okay considering we got all of our core subjects done and all the kids learned something in the meantime.

History Read-Alouds


This week we learned about the Hindu and Buddhist religion. Treyton has always been interested in what others believe and why. It was easy to teach what the Hundu and Buddhist believe but it is actually quite difficult to explain the why or to reemphasize how we know that what we believe is the ultimate truth.

However, even with as many good questions that Treyton had, questions I didn’t always feel prepared to answer it proved what an important week and lesson this was, as much of our discussion centered on how we know what is true and that Jesus is the ONLY way to get to heaven.

We used our Window on the World book to learn some specific ways we could pray for India and then spent some actual time praying for them as well as Hindus all over the world. Treyton didn’t quite understand what it meant that 3% of the India population is Christian but he did understand that it wasn’t a lot. He has always struggled logically for some reason with the concept of missionaries and telling non-believers about Jesus, so we spent a little more time this week talking about it.

Lapbook Piece: Verses for Hindu

We completed a TOG lapbook piece, finding and writing four verses that we could share with Hindus about Jesus and Christianity.


(and Literature) The Little Babaji

Treyton completed the TOG student sheet for The Little Babaji story that we read. The kids really, really enjoyed this book. Treyton asked if we could buy it instead of just “renting” it from the library. We read this book a couple of times throughout the week, just for fun.

Built an Indus City

We love using our Legos so any time we find an activity to use them for, we do. Treyton really reached to the depths of what he had learned throughout the week to help build his city. I helped with the lower city while he worked on the upper city. We added a river along the edge because the river was so important to all of the Indus cities and peoples. IMG_5061

(Geography) Label an Indus River Valley & World Map

After looking for India and Pakistan in our atlas, we labeled the parts of India and Pakistan that we had read about throughout the week as well as Mt. Everest, which I knew Treyton would want to label.   IMG_5058 


Indus River Valley Draw & Caption



I feel like he is at an in-between reading level, so book selection is very important. If I get a book that challenges him too much, he gets frustrated, but I also want him to keep challenging him to improve.

He prefers short chapters, but then will read the entire book if it interests him enough and has enough illustrations.

This week he said he wanted to read a Magic Tree House book (which I had put away for content reasons), I screened the book he wanted and decided that it was appropriate. He read the first two chapters on Monday and Tuesday and then got frustrated with how long the chapters were and a few of the words (for example, medallion). Then one night, he asked me if he could go ahead and read the 4th Mercy Watson book, of course I said “Yes”, and he sat there and read the entire thing. It is right at his reading level, which is encouraging to see him not only want to read it but to do such a great job at it. On Friday, he found a random book on the shelf called “The Elves and the Shoemaker” to read. I didn’t appreciate this one as much only because it was written in a more poetic, rhythmic writing style so the comprehension was a little harder for him, however he technically read the words just fine.

Language Arts

Treyton finished Explode the Code book 5 this week as well as his First Language Lessons level 1 book.

We spent this week reviewing the last several All About Spelling Level 2 lists we had worked on. He does really well remembering the rules… I mean really well, which is why I really love the All About Spelling approach. The words that he struggles with are the words that would technically be spelled right two different ways – for example the word “cent” follows the rules of the letter c saying /s/ when followed by an e, i or y. BUT it could also be spelled with an s…. so does he just have to memorize that word? He gets it correct the week we are working on that list, because he is aware of the rule we are studying, but then on a review week, or in real life writing, he may spell it wrong because he’s not specifically thinking of that rule.

Any pointers with this would be great.


Treyton finished his handwriting lesson for the letter Gg and then I had him review letters Aa-Ee. IMG_5053


We continued to work on division this week, specifically division by 3.

I had him review his multiplication facts by 1s, 2s and 3s, he got all but one of them right.

Miscellaneous Read-Alouds


Alexa’s reading continues to astonish me. She completed steps 8 & 9 in her All About Reading this week, reading two new stories and reading words that have the letter o in them.

In All About Spelling she moved on to Step 7, and we worked on a spelling list of words with the letter i in them.

She is working on a review lesson in her Explode the Code book, reviewing words with the letter a and i in them.

For extra work this week she wanted to complete the Alphabet Color Worksheets I had printed off from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

IMG_5054In Math she is learning her numbers between 10-20. She already knows how to count well past 20, and can recognize most of her numbers up to 20, but Singapore is place values to teach the numbers, which I love, but is taking Alexa a little longer to catch on to. She has been teaching herself addition, which I think is her main problem…. She keeps trying to add them together as ones instead of breaking the numbers down into ten and one values. She does fine when we are working together through her book and doing our hands-on projects, but when she talks about it later, she reverts back to adding them as one place values.

In Handwriting this week she worked on letters e, i and j. I think Handwriting is her toughest subject, she writes well, spells well, reads well, but she doesn’t always slow down enough to form her letters correctly. I think it’s more a lesson in slowing down, than it is on actual letter forming, but I’m not sure yet.


Danielle M. said...

Wow! You did a lot for not feeling good. I hope you feel better quickly. Congratulations on your newest little one! I loved the Indus City out of Legos. My oldest saw it too and it inspired him to go build one of his own. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I enjoyed reading your post. I realize this is a year later, but I found your tapestry of grace post thru Pinterest. (As we are studying the same thing). I have had questions concerning the wisdom of saturating our children( I have 4) with so many alternate views of so called "truth". I would love to talk to you more about your kids' experience with TOG.