Sunday, November 4, 2012

Water Cycle & The Atmosphere

The last two weeks of science have been spent learning about the water cycle and the atmosphere.

We have read several great books (and watched one movie)including:

Pandia Press’ REAL Earth Science has had some great, easy to do experiments that we’ve been able to complete.

Water Cycle

One day we spent over an hour just exploring the different forms of water (gas, liquid and air). Touching them, describing them and simply discussing them proved to be a lot more fun than I expected. IMG_5203

We also took the time to create situations where we could see water changing forms by simply manipulating the temperature:

  • Gas to Liquid (by cooling the air): By filling a glass with ice water (cooling the surface of the glass), we watched, over time, how the water in the air condensates on the side of the glass
  • Liquid to Solid (by cooling even more): we simply filled an ice tray with water and put in our freezer
  • Solid to Liquid (by warming): after taking the ice cube out of the freezer and set in a glass and watched how over time the solid changed to a liquid
  • Liquid to Gas (by warming even more): we put some water in a pan and heated it up until the water evaporated

Treyton really learned a lot with these simple experiments, I wasn’t sure if he would really remember it later on, but he seems as though he has. Science is probably his favorite subject, he is ALWAYS asking to do experiments!

Water Cycle Links (we didn’t happen to use any of these, but I did have them set aside just in case):

Water Cycle Wheel Printable

Water Cycle Song

Weather Unit @ First Grade Parade

Seasons Printable

Atmosphere: Air Takes Up Space

We talked about air and the fact that we can’t see it or necessarily feel it) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We then did two experiments showing that air takes up space (has mass) and has weight. 

Experiment 1:

A simple experiment of looking and and experimenting with a balloon. We described what it felt like and looked like empty, and then described what it looked like and felt like full of air. IMG_5279

Experiment 2:

We took a glass of water and put it upside down in water with a piece of paper stuck on the bottom (inside) to show that even though we couldn’t see the air it was there, preventing the water from getting to the bottom of the glass.

IMG_5291Experiment 3:

We balanced three empty balloons on each side of a yard stick until it was level. We then added air to the balloons on one side of the yard stick and held the stick back up, this illustrated that air also weighs something (even if it isn’t a lot).

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Tracy said...

Hi Amber! Just wanted to say hello and that I have been following you for a little bit now. Going to back to the beginning, you started homeschooling Treyton when he was my older daughters age now, and I can't even put into words how inspiring it has been to see how you have taught all of your children and how they have grown over the years! We are new to homeschooling and are still feeling some fears and doubts but the results you have had have been soooo encouraging. I' m off to a slow start with my own homeschooling blog- Sharing Crayons- and would love to have a fellow homeschool mom as a follower - it will keep me accountable, LOL!!! God bless you and your amazing family, your children are beautiful! My thoughts are with you and baby Titus. Hope you are healthy and well on the road to recovery! - Tracy