Friday, November 2, 2012

White Rabbit’s Color Book & Color Mixing

This week we read two great books on color mixing – our primary book was meant to be White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker but I also stumbled across Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh that we also really enjoyed.

The kids had so much fun learning about color mixing, honestly if I would have known it was going to be such a hit I would have pulled out these books sooner!! All of them (yes, all three of them from ages 7-2) loved the books, particularly White Rabbit’s Color Book. They asked to read it multiple times a day and I caught all of them reading it on their own (in one way or another) throughout the last couple of weeks.

In order to really have a good time with color mixing, you of course have to mix the colors yourselves!!

For our first activity we did a hand print page – each kid got two of the primary colors, one on each hand and printed them on the page, then they rubbed the two colors together in their hands and placed one print in the middle showing the “new” color they made.


Alexa made purple


IMG_5193   Audrey made orange


IMG_5196  Treyton made green


Sandwich Baggie Colors

Our second activity was a little less “hands-on” (giggle, giggle). We took sandwich baggies and each kid got to pick two primary colors to put inside of their bag. IMG_5219Treyton chose to make green, Alexa made purple and Audrey orange (again). They then mashed and smooshed their bags until the colors were mixed revealing the secondary color.  IMG_5221 

IMG_5223  IMG_5225 IMG_5226  IMG_5230 

IMG_5233After we made new colors we went ahead and painted pieces of paper, which we used later for one of our Henri Matisse artist study works. IMG_5234

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