Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Artist Study: Edgar Degas

Side Note: Unfortunately, I have not been on my a-game as far as taking pictures during school. So that means, I have less pictures as examples to post, for now. 

Books Read: 

  • Usborne: Famous Artist 
  • Usborne: Famous Paintings 
  • Worlds Greatest Artist Series: Edgar Degas 
  • "Edgar Degas: Paintings the Dance" by Cole 
  • "Dancing with Degas" by Merberg 
  • "Marie in Fourth Position" by Littlesugar 
  • "Degas & the Little Dancer" Anholt 
  • "Edgar Degar Dance Like a Butterfly" we used purely for reference 

Pictures Studied: 


Blue Dancers 



 Dancers in Blue


 The Star 


 Dance Class I


Little Dancer of Fourteen Years 


Dancers in the Studio

Activity: Dancer Painting  

Treyton painted a blue dancer recreation. 

IMG 5701


IMG 5702

IMG 5712

He called it "The Colorful Dancers" 

Activity Dancer Drawing

Coincidentally, Alexa had her own dance recital as we were finishing up our study of Degas, and Treyton decided to draw a picture for Alexa, to show her how proud he was of her. I don't have a picture of that one just yet, but when (if) I get one, I'll post it. 

Activity - Dancer Sculpture 

We took play-doh and tried to make our own athlete sculptures. 

IMG 5914

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