Monday, December 31, 2012

Weeks 15-18: The Promised Land to King David

For the last four weeks of school we have been studying the history of the nation of Israel as they made their way into the Promised Land, settled, and established a kingdom.  With the recent arrival of baby #4, we have not done as many hands-on projects as we normally would, but the kids still seem to be getting just as much from what we are reading, our discussions, writing assignments, and lap journal pages. 



Obviously, our primary history book was the Bible with a few other supplements along the way. One of the big discussion topics we had throughout our study (and repeatedly) was "How Do We KNOW the Bible is True?

Treyton has a very theological, deep-thinking mind. It is usually the first thing that most adults notice about him. As parents, we are truly grateful for this as it is encouraging to see him seek out the answers of our faith and to begin to make it his own. Our desire is not to have him ride on the coattails of our faith, but to claim it and understand it for himself. 


Bible Books Studied: 

  • Joshua 
  • Judges 
  • Ruth 
  • 1 Samuel 
  • 2 Samuel 
  • Psalm

For each Bible book studied we made our own little booklets, writing the stories we learned, important people and a simple overview of the book. IMG 5670

As we read from what book to the next, I was intentional about reviewing what came previously. Alexa is still struggling to pick up her Bible stories easily, but she is slowly getting it, the more and more we review. 

Project: Make a Lyre 

We made a lyre using a hanger and rubber bands - Treyton was pretty sure he was a rocker and jammed on this thing for a while (even though it didn't really make music). 

IMG 5662

Study of the Philistines: 

In 1 Samuel we read about the Philistines god, Dagon. I decided to have Treyton use the computer a little bit - this is something that he hasn't really done to much, prior to this. 

We went on to Wikipedia and looked up Dagon, which I then skimmed and read pieces of to him. Next, I had him copy and past the picture into a word document and caption it (on his own). His typing skills are improving.

IMG 5663

Map Studies: The 12 Tribes of Israel 

We mapped out the 12 tribes of Israel as well as the Philistines and Moab. 

IMG 5666

Draw and Caption Pages:  

IMG 5667

IMG 5668

IMG 5762

IMG 5748

History Journal Pages 

I was selective in the lap book pieces from TOG that I used this time, only because I was having him do more writing, typing and books the last few weeks and didn't want to be too redundant. 

IMG 5669

IMG 5749

IMG 5750

IMG 5751

Timeline Characters we added: 

  • Joshua 
  • Gideon
  • Deborah 
  • Samson
  • Samuel 
  • Saul 
  • David 

Helfpul Links 

Visual Unit - has a bunch of great Bible Resource Printables (maps, overviews, etc.) I found this one for the Kings of Judah and Israel to help Treyton make his timeline of the kings 

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