Monday, January 28, 2013

Quarterly Evaluations

Due to the fact that I am not posting weekly updates anymore, my goal is to post quarterly updates on how the kids are doing in their different subjects. Apparently, I am not off to a great start as I am 4 weeks over-due for the 2 quarter updates. Hopefully I'll do better next quarter, right?

IMG 6310Treyton

Math - Treyton has learned multiplication and division by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s, as well as 10s. He does pretty well with these, though I wouldn't say he's mastered them quiet yet. He understands how to do all 4 types of problems (multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting) but he doesn't always know when to use which type of problem when given a story problem, though he's improving in this area. 

Also, he is very specific in how you say what type of problem he's doing. For example, I can't say "divide" I say "put into equal groups". Of course I use both terminologies so that he develops the correlation between them, and I'm sure in time, he will get them.

Spelling - He continues to take about one step in All About Spelling a week. He is a pretty good speller - AAS is perfect for him how they work with rules and build upon that. He is an amazing rule-remember-er :) 

Reading - He read part of the second Boxcar Children, but decided he would rather start reading the book of John in the Bible. So far (week 21 he has gotten to John Chapter 4). 

Handwriting - He is continuing to learn cursive letters so far (week 21) he has completed Aa-Ss, and Uu. This week he starts on T. 

Science - We recently started earth science and he is LOVING it. Science (particularly experiments) are probably his favorite thing in school. Science is one of the only subjects I plan on posting on separately, so there will be more updates coming soon. 

Language Arts - Treyton just finished his Explode the Code book 6 and started book 7. Book 7 is the first one since book 1, that has changed it's format and it has proven to be a little tougher for Treyton. I told him he didn't have to finish the ETC books (we've only been doing them because he wanted to), but he really really wants to finish the series, which goes to book 8. The biggest struggle comes from the vocabulary focus. Vocabulary and new words has ALWAYS been a struggle for Treyton. We have decided to spend one week doing a lesson, and making vocabulary cards for the new words. We will be implementing this new system this week, so we shall see how it goes :) 

First Language Lessons, which we use for Treyton's grammar. Treyton has learned the definitions of: a noun, pronoun, verb (all 4 types), sentence, adjective and we are now working on contractions. 

IMG 6299


Handwriting - finished her Kindergarten handwriting book. 

Math - She is completing simple addition and subtraction problems, can count by 2s (to 20) and 10s (to 100). She is working on place values now. 

Language Arts - She is now in Explode the Code book 2, she continues to love it and is already looking forward to getting to book 2. 

Reading - She is on Step 20 in All About Reading Level 1. She's reading simple 4-letter words. She really enjoys reading - our biggest challenge is keeping her on task, as she gets distracted easily from the story telling stories of her own. I told Tim, "Whe has a Kindergartener's reading ability and a preschooler's attention span" :) 

 IMG 6339Audrey 

Audrey is just starting to do some small school. She is color matching with file folder games and beads. She also enjoys putting the number and alphabet puzzles together with her brother and sister. She enjoys listening to stories. Though her toughest hurdle continues to be her speech, she is so smart, it's just tough for her to "get it back out". 

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