Thursday, February 28, 2013

Science: Stars & Constellations

We are focusing on astronomy in science right now. While studying stars and other bodies in space, I have actually learned a lot alongside of the kids. I love the Answers In Genesis curriculum! It has really allowed us to do as much (or as little) as we want, without becoming too overwhelmed but still learning a lot. 

I seriously don't know how my kids have gotten so smart but both of them really enjoy science and already seem to know so much, which has been great, because instead of spending lots of time on the basics we have been able to take it to the next level in our reading and discussions which have been really fun. 

Heavenly Bodies 

IMG 6461

For each body we studied we made a small mini book to go into our science binder. Illustrating their shape (as best we could) to put into our lap journal helped Treyton to really visualize the similarities and the differences. 

IMG 6458

When learning about nebulae we looked at lots of amazingly beautiful pictures and it inspired us to make our own soft pastel picture of the nebulae. We really enjoy using our pastels, and incorporating art and science together was really fun. 

Meteors & Craters 
We did a hands on experiment using flour in a pan and different size "meteors" (salt, rice and marbles) we even included houses (blocks) for an extra sense of reality :)  

IMG 6190

IMG 6189


Stars & Constellations 

IMG 6459

Of course as we learned about the stars, we focused on constellations. I printed out a set of constellation flashcards and had Treyton pick out five to recreate on black paper. 

We also tried to make some constellations of our own, but that didn't work as well. 

Experiment: Stars and Sun

The kids already knew that our sun was a star, but they still had questions as to how it was so much bigger. They assumed that it was just bigger in size.

So we did an experiment using flashlights comparing the light close up versus far away to understand better why the sun is so much brighter to us than the stars are, while some of the stars are actually bigger. 


Alexa's Preschool Extras 

Because Alexa doesn't always understand and/or participate in all of Treyton's assignments I had a few for her own, that I picked up from 1+1+1=1 and Homeschool Creations. 

IMG 6468

The kids have really been enjoying about outer space. I'm really looking forward to posting our weeks on studying the solar system - we did quite a few fun things in our studies. 

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