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TOG Week 19-24: From Solomon to Persia

In the last several weeks, we have been learning lots of Biblical history, from Solomon, to the divided kingdom of Israel to the Neo-Assyrian, Neo-babylonian and Medo-Persian empires, including the Biblical accounts of Daniel, Jonah and Esther.  

Books & Resources:

  • Bible 
    • 1 & 2 Kings
    • Isaiah
    • Daniel 
    • Jonah
    • Esther 
    • Nehemiah 
  • Usborne's Encyclopedia of the Ancient World 
  • Story of the World Volume 1 (select chapters) 
  • What's In the Bible DVDs 
    • I am not sure exactly which DVDs went with this historical period but I think it was 6-8, we have really REALLY enjoyed these DVDs and I would highly highly recommend them whether for home or church. 

Lap Journal Pages and Geography 

We are still not able to do as many hands-on activities as I like, but are doing well keeping up with draw and caption pages, lap journal pages and mapping. 

IMG 6434


IMG 6435


IMG 6436


IMG 6437 

The Divided Kingdom 

IMG 6438


IMG 6439

 The Prophet Elijah 

IMG 6440

I have started having Treyton work on typing his history draw & caption pages. Using word, I have him copy and paste pictures from the internet onto his draw and caption sheets. Teaching him simple copy and paste techniques as well as how to print the document.

He enjoys using the computer, but it takes him a little bit longer. I can tell his typing is improving though, which is exciting to see. He has great "typing hands" placing his fingers in the correct position. Once he learns where the letters are, he will cruise!  

IMG 6443


IMG 6446


IMG 6444

I loved studying the popular story of Jonah with the kids from this historical perspective. It really showed, Treyton in particular, why Jonah didn't want to go to Ninevah and the amazing character of God and His mercy. 

IMG 6270

We tried a new thing with this story - I illustrated the picture on the chalk board and the kids copied it. I was really proud of her Alexa's attempt to draw. 

IMG 6272



IMG 6447

IMG 6451


IMG 6452


Two of my favorite activities these past several weeks were two separate Bible studies. While studying Isaiah we listened to Seeds Family Worship CD Isaiah 6:1-3 (which is phenomenal by the way), which has led to the entire family memorizing this portion of scripture. So we took a little time and studied the entire chapter, and looked at the calling of Isaiah. After discussing it together Treyton, Alexa and I each drew our own interpretation of what the chapter said. 

IMG 6450

Treyton's (above), Alexa's (below) 

IMG 6365


IMG 6453


We have added the Bible characters that we've studied over the past several weeks, as well as color coded lines to illustrate when the different empires (Assyria, Babylon and Medo-Persia) reigned. Treyton really liked doing this as well as making his own timeline on paper. This is one of his strengths and interest for sure. He really enjoys learning and "seeing" time. I love our timeline more every week!! 

IMG 6473

IMG 6471

Treyton made his own timeline for his history book.

IMG 6448



God Will Provide 

While studying Elijah, we made a rain cloud mobile, with rain drops listing the ways that God provided for us, just like he provided for Elijah during the 3 year drought - first at the brook with ravens, and then at the widow's house. 

IMG 6211

IMG 6211

Cyrus Scroll 

In the weeks we read about Daniel and Esther we created a Cyrus scroll. Treyton wrote a letter. I told him to write down something that he would want people to know if he were not here to tell them. What he wants people to know about him in 100 years. 

This is what he wrote:  

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We then rolled up the paper and put it inside of a paper towel roll. 

Clay Seal 

Treyton also made a seal from clay. The seal was meant to resemble one that would be used in ancient Babylon or Persia as a man's signature. A kings seal was obviously of significant importance. 

IMG 6500 


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