Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TOG Weeks 25-27 Ancient Greece & Alexander the Great

We just got through an exciting couple of weeks studying Ancient Greece. We really had a lot of fun with this unit. 



We studied mosaics and how it was common for the Greeks to use mosaics on the flooring of their homes. Treyton worked for several days to complete a mosaic of his own using the magnetic squares. 

IMG 6515

He has technically done this one before, but I guess that just means he really likes this design. Can't argue with that, can I? 

IMG 6530

Greek Culture 

Of course we talked about what the Greeks commonly ate, drank and wore. Ever since learning that Ancient Egyptians commonly went around naked, one of Treyton's first questions is "Do they wear clothes? I mean, do they walk around naked? Like it's just not a big deal to them to see each other?" :) This unit we tried to replicate the typical greek clothing as best as we could. 

I've already posted about the Greek Soldier Helmet & Olympic Olive Wreath head ware we made (and are still loving!) 

This was probably the highlight for the kids. 

IMG 6512

So once we got him dressed he insisted to adding his shield, sword and helmet! 

IMG 6513

He went ahead and colored a page for his history notebook as well of a greek soldier. 

IMG 6455

 Lapjournal Pages 

IMG 6454

IMG 6705

IMG 6714

Geography & Maps 

We labeled a Greek map, but the picture didn't turn out (so you'll have to use your imagination). 

We also colored and labeled Alexander the Great's empire after his death. 

IMG 6709

The Greek Alphabet 

We learned that our alphabet stems from the Greek Alphabet, so we took some time completing the TOG lap book piece. Treyton wrote his name using the greek alphabet. 

IMG 6645

IMG 6708

IMG 6707

We have made our way through the Old Testament studies and as we are heading into the Roman Empire we will now be reading the book of Matthew. 
I cut up the books of the Bible lap book pieces and had Treyton put the books of the Bible (OT only) in order. Treyton knows a song from AWANA for the books of the Bible so the biggest challenge was reading the names of the books :) but he did really well. IMG 6647
We had a lot of fun with this unit and are really looking forward to the Ancient Roman unit coming up!! 

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