Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quarterly Evaluations: Fourth Quarter

We finished school at the end of April…. it is now the middle of June and I have yet to update the blog with the final weeks of our school, and truth is, it may never happen. A part of me is really disappointed by this because our last unit was on Ancient Rome, it was a really fun unit and the kids and I learned a lot. But the other part of me is okay with it, because truth is, I appreciated the break from blogging. 

I also should warn you, I'm a little lite on the pictures as well…. not real sure the reason for that, and truth be told, the reason probably doesn't matter too much, but just thought I would mention it (sorry, am I losing you with too many details?). I digress, for now, I'll try to at least fill you in on what the last few weeks of school looked like (sort of). 

History - Ancient Rome

Our final unit in Tapestry of Grace Year one was on Ancient Rome including the rise of the Empire, the birth and death of Jesus, the early church, the persecution of the church and a brief study of several emperors. For each of the emperors we studied (Julius Caesar, who wasn't actually an emperor, Augustus and Nero are the ones that come to my mind) Treyton wrote up a short paragraph; he wrote it by hand and then typed it up. 

We read a lot of good books - 

  • "Famous People of Ancient Rome" 
  • "The First Christians" 
  • "Brave Cloelia" 
  • "Ancient Romans" by Anita Ganeri 
  • "Going to War in Roman Times" 
  • "Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World" 
  • "Ancient Romans" by Jane Shuter
  • "Story of the World: Volume 1" (Select Chapters) 
  • "The Story of Pompeii"

We learned about the Julian calendar, created secret codes, dressed up like an ancient roman, Treyton gave a public speech (on planets). 

And of course we completed pages for our History Notebook: 

IMG 6903

IMG 6902

Treyton Second Grade


We finished up the first book of the Earth Science in our Answers in Genesis curriculum. Treyton really enjoyed the study of our Solar System and NASA - particularly when we learned about the Space Station, he still is asking questions about it. 

IMG 6779


Treyton completed his Singapore 2b book for the year. He finished on a good note. Though I am realizing we need to do more review than what the Singapore books actually do, I think I'll start our next year out with review - or at the very least do a thorough review before we start school up again (during our down-time but still doing a little school time), to at give him the best chance I can to minimize frustration. 

I have created some personalized review pages for him to use during our break and he has really enjoyed them, I think I will be using the personalized approach again in the future - it seems to motivate him on a different level. 


Treyton continues to do very well in spelling, better than I expect. He gets through about a lesson a week. He has gotten through step 20 or so, in level 3. He says that spelling is one of his favorite subjects. It's a subject that he does really well at, and it's been fun to watch him excel at something fairly easily. I cannot say enough good things about All About Spelling. It genuinely works! 

Lagnuage Arts 

We continue to review the parts of sentences while doing our spelling dictation and it is working really well for him. After I dictate his spelling sentence and he writes it, then we will go through and label the parts of the sentence that we know.

The more we do these exercises the more it seems to be sticking. Though we do need to limit these exercises and do them on selective days, because it doesn't take much for him to start getting overwhelmed. I have stopped going through FLL while we continue to strengthen the parts he's already learned. 


Treyton had his piano recital at the beginning of May (excuse my lack of detail, this is why blogging should be done sooner rather than later). He did great. I was so proud of him. He was so nervous, but played perfectly! 

IMG 7145

Dance Recital 

The day after Treyton's piano recital, Alexa had her dance recital. This girl was made for the stage folks. She has no fear, and as soon as her recital is over she begins to dream of the next time she will be able to grace the world with her magnificent stage presence. 

IMG 7155

Alexa Preschool

Alexa finished preschool up a little sooner than we finished the rest of school.

She actually finished up most of her workbooks (math and All About Reading) early and then we occupied her time with reading (me to her and her to me), handwriting,  a few math games, and spelling in moderation. She really does love school and is such a bright little girl. Teaching her is easy. I pray it stays this way! 


Finishing Up

It feels good to be taking a break for a while. Truth is, I was getting a little overwhelmed with school towards the end. We needed some down time…. so we took a 12 day trip to San Antonio & Louisiana to visit my dad, and have filled our June with so many activities I can hardly remember what day it is!! Perhaps we didn't think our "break" from school all the way through. 

A part of me can't wait to start school up again just so we can relax a little. 

And then I realize what I just said….