Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Day of School 2013-2014

We have officially started school and while it's been sporadic so far (due to our summer schedule) I love that we start during the warmer months and are able to do some school outside!! 

Our first day of school was July 8th, Alexa's 5th birthday. My mother in law happened to be here that day and it worked out really nice that when I rotated time with the kids they were able to spend their free time with her!! 

Our first day of school pictures turned out pretty cute I think. 

IMG 9007

Treyton is going into 3rd grade this year. 

IMG 9014

Alexa is starting Kindergarten, though she is doing mostly first grade work. 

IMG 9008

And our little Audrey is going to be doing preschool, which will mostly involve a focus on her speech therapy activities incorporated into other schooling (like numbers, letters and colors). 

IMG 9015

I'm hoping to get our curriculum list posted soon, but we'll have to see how motivated I get and how much time I get on the computer :) 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For the Love of Lists: Field Trips 2012-2013

I kept this list updated as we took field trips throughout the 2012 - 2013 school year. Here is the (I think) complete list of field trips that we took. 

Looking back it's apparent, we took most of our field trips, in the summer last year, before Titus was born. 

Strawberry Picking and Harvesting (June 2012) – we picked over 35 pounds brought them home the kids helped cut them while we canned and froze our harvest.

National Railroad Museum (June 2012) – we visited the Railroad Museum, to see (touch and play in) some real historical trains, try to lift a steel rail and take a 25 minute diesel engine train ride. We thoroughly enjoyed this museum.

The Milwaukee County Zoo (August 2012) – this was a first for both me and the kids. Sadly, I’ve lived here since I was 8 years old and had never been to this zoo. My sister, Alana had talked about going this summer with our kids, so we decided to finish off our Animal Kingdom science unit with this field trip. Sadly, Audrey got the stomach flu 30 minutes after we got there, but we stuck it out (as best we could) and saw as much as we could.

The Chain O’ Lakes Boat Tour (August 2012) – an hour and half tour on the Chief Waupaca paddle boat of 8 of the 21 chained lakes found in central Wisconsin (near Waupaca). We did this while camping this past August and really enjoyed it.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota (August 2012) – While visiting our high school friends we visited this zoo as a group. It was free and AMAZING. Everyone from around there calls it “small” but we didn’t think it was all that small, in fact, I’m pretty sure we didn’t make it through the entire thing – granted we had 7 adults and 8 kids, but still; it had all the animals you could want there (lion, tiger, orangutan – my kids personal favorite, polar bear, zebra, giraffe). Tim and I were certainly not disappointed and neither were our kids.

Hands-On Art Studio (September 2012) - which is exactly what it sounds like. While we were there Treyton welded and decorated a metal sunflower for our flower garden, adding color all throughout the winter. Alexa and I painted some pottery - Alexa a three piece tea set, me a large bowl and pitcher (LOVE them). I LOVE this place and I plan to visit again…. soon I hope. 

The Farm (September 2012) - in Door County we visited, they had a petting zoo and allowed you to feed the animals. Our favorite was feeding the baby goats (oh my word, cuteness!), we walked around touring the historical buildings, their garden and nature. A very fun field trip. 

Education Performing Arts Shows 

  • Imaginocean (November 1st) 
    • Treyton and Alexa 
  • A Little Princess (December 12th) 
    • Treyton 
  • Charlotte's Web (February 8th) 
    • Treyton 
  • Guess How Much I Love You (February 20th) 
    • Treyton and Alexa 
  • Shanghai Circus (March 6th)
    • Treyton 
  • Three Little Pigs (March 22nd)
    • Treyton 
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day (April 16th) 
    • Treyton and Alexa 

In addition to these Treyton also went to see the Broadway show "The Lion King" with his Aunt. He said that one was for sure his favorite. Out of the other ones, we both thoroughly enjoyed the Shanghai Circus. 

Piano Recital (April 2012) Treyton had his piano recital towards the end of April, and while that in itself doesn't constitute a field trip, the content of this particular recital did. There were 15 students ranging in ability. The kids were able to see simple recital pieces all the way up to very complex recital pieces. It was encouraging for Treyton to realize he's only been practicing for 2 years but if he continues to practice where he will one day be. 

VACATION FIELD TRIPS - We took a family vacation in early May to San Antonio, Texas (with a few other stops and detours along the way). Traveling across the country gives you so many opportunities for field trips!! We really enjoyed it. 

Sea World in San Antonio (The kids FAVORITE, they are still talking about the whales and dolphins!!) 

The Alamo 

The San Antonio Zoo 

The River Walk Boat Tour in San Antonio 

Wildlife Tour: African Safari Texas Style

Swamp Tour (Louisiana)

St. Louis Zoo 

The Magic House Children's Museum in St. Louis 




Monday, July 15, 2013

For The Love of Lists: Summer Reading List

We don't really take much of a summer break, but this year was the longest actual "break" we've ever taken from school. 

While we are technically "out of school" we are never finished learning. The kids and I continue to read, and now that Treyton is able to read on his own, he actually reads quite a bit on his own as well. 

Since taking our break here are a list of some (not all) of the books we have read: 


Group Reading 

"Stuart Little" 

"Lewis and Papa: Adventure on the Santa Fe Trail" by Barbara Joosse

"Zoe Gets Ready" by Bethany Murguia 

"The Alamo" by Kristen Nelson 

"The Alamo from A to Z" by William Chemerka 

"The Alamo" by Mary Ann Hoffman 

"The Alamo: An Interactive History Adventure" by Amie Leavitt 

"The Scarecrow's Dance" by Jane Yolen 

"The Giving Tree" by Harper Collins 

"The Little Mouse, THe Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" by Don and Audrey Wood 

"The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle 

"Little House" Virginia Lee Burton 

"The Napping House" Audrey & Don Wood 

"The Little Engine that Could" 

"What if Your Best Friend Were Blue?" by Vera Kochan 


Alexa's Books

"The Fairy Tale Book: Classic Tales from Childhood"  (this book was a collection including Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White, Cinderella, the Princess and the Pea, etc.) 


Audrey's Books 

"The ABCs of Nature" 

"The 1 - 2 - 3s of Nature" 

"Monster Knows Shapes" 


Treyton's Reading List: 

"The Dangerous Book for Boys" 

"The Tale of Three Trees" Retold by Angela Hunt 

"Aaron Rodgers" by Jeff Savage 

"Clay Matthews" by Jeff Savage 

"Superman Adventures" by Scott Mc Cloud 

"George and Martha" by James Marshall 

"Trees" by Lisa Gillespie (Usborne) 

"Louisiana" By Judith Hyde 

"Slinky Scaly Snakes" by Jennifer Dussling 

"A Big Ball of String" (a favorite) by Holland 

"Amelia Bedelia" by Peggy Parish 

"Hands Off, Doc Ock!" (a spiderman book) 

"Elephants" by James Maclaine (Usborne Beginners) 

"Rainforests" by Lucy Bowman (Usborne Beginners) 

"Your Body" by Stephanie Turnbull (Usborne Beginners) 

"Weather" by Catriona Clarke (Usborne Beginners) 

"Volcanoes" by Staphanie Turnbull (Usborne Beginners) 

"The Man of Steel: Night of a Thousand Doomsdays" 

"Animal Classics: Amphibians" by Schuetz

"Nate the Great" byMarjorie Weinman Sharmart 

"The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth" 

"Storms and Hurricanes" Usborne by Emily Bone 

"Abraham Lincoln" (National Geographics for Kids) by Caroline Gilpin