Sunday, September 22, 2013

Field Trip: The Little Farmer

We are blessed to be a part of a co-op through our church this year called BRANCHES (which stands for Building Relationships and Nurturing Children's Hearts). 

We had our first co-op class called "All About Me" earlier this month where the kids each completed books one of the mom's put together, as well as completed silhouette portraits and put together a time capsule to open at the end of the school year. 

Last week, we enjoyed our first field trip together at the Little Farmer, I believe there were 42 of us total. 

IMG 9702

IMG 9704We were able to learn all different aspects of farming. The first stop was the bee house where the kids learned how important the bees are to the farm and most particularly, the apple orchard. 

IMG 9708

We also got to see where they store the apples (it was cold 32 degrees in their big fridge). And where they sort and process them. 

IMG 9709

Each of the kids got to pick an apple. 

IMG 9711

And then we got to go on a hayride, pulled by a tractor

IMG 9713

to the pumpkin patch where each kid got to pick a pumpkin the size of their head. :) 

IMG 9715

After our field trip we had all packed a picnic lunch. 

We then went to the play area… where the kids had a BLAST with each other and their friends! 

IMG 9720

IMG 9728
IMG 9731
IMG 9737
IMG 9733
It was a great field trip, next month we're planning on going on a Fire Station tour!! How blessed are we!?!?