Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Somethings, You Just Don't Get Over

I have really big plans to write all about our recent trip to Haiti. 

To include as many of the details as I can remember and to give you as complete and whole picture as I'm able. Because it was an incredible, only-God-could-pull-this-off kind of trip and I'm so excited to share it with you all. 

But, I'm not ready yet. 

I'm still processing. 

I'm still sitting here wondering how it all happened, and even wondering what all happened. From the miracle of the play-set getting done, to the success of our orphanage and student sponsorship programs/parties, to the amazing people we met and served with along the way, all of it, still leaves me a little speechless.

And a lot emotional. 

The Lord is so faithful and so true and the fact that he uses our feeble attempts to serve and help others to grow & change ourselves in even greater ways is.... unfathomable. 

I started off on this journey fully knowing that it was going to change my life and prayerfully the lives of those I was sent to serve, but I had no idea to what extent it would change me or how deep the change was going to be. 

I'm still not sure. 

I want to be able to talk about what I'm feeling and how I got here.... but I'm still recovering, and I don't know what to say or how to say it or even how to process what I am feeling. 

I expected to be emotional and to care deeply for the people I met. 
I wasn't expecting to fall in love the way I did. 

I wasn't expecting the people and the stories to stick with me the way that they have. 
The faces. The laughter. The joy. The sorrows. The chaos. The calm. The poverty. The smells. The views. The gratefulness. The desperation..... I never want to forget.

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