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TOS Review: Travel the World (June Module)

I am excited to be posting my very FIRST review as part of the TOS Crew, and while we haven’t actually “set sail”, we are nearly there, with a test-drive review. I chose to review The Schoolhouse Planner June module  - “Travel the World”.  June Module

Product Description

This module is a one-month unit supplement to the Schoolhouse Planner called “A Trip Around the World” this 52-page e-book is based on --World geography.

This unit explores the seven continents, teaching all about some of your favorite places while helping you to discover new ones. You and your student will learn geography facts, complete map activities, create a lapbook, look to the Bible for answers about God’s design for the earth and have access to all sorts of links (including internet games)


I thought that this unit study was put together very well, and could certainly be used with students of a variety of ages. Everything that you needed to complete your studies is at your fingertips (or on your computer screen as was my case), which I find convenient – the links included give you the option to add even more to your studies, with ease (if so desired – but certainly not necessary). 

When I first looked at the study, I was eager to implement it into our school, but chose to only do a few activities, rather than the entire unit because of the young age of my students (Treyton not quite 5). Treyton is still working on grasping the concepts of maps and the United States, so I didn’t really want to move on to bigger and better before he grasped the current. I think in a year or two he would be able to complete this unit with no problem, and for his younger sister(s) I won’t have a problem finding activities to include her. The work that Treyton did do, we both enjoyed and it wasn’t hard to gain his interest.

What I Loved:

I loved that the unit study included BOTH lapbooking pieces and worksheets. For my family, I have learned that we like to use both tools in our studies.

I loved the flexibility it offered – for both the student and the teacher

Great maps – I loved the maps they chose – not too much detail, just enough for the student (sometimes world maps can be completely overdone), not the case with this unit study.

Prep work is all done – all of the work is done for you, which is great for those times that I can’t pull a unit together myself, but have some school to do. This unit would only take a few minutes to look through to get my kids started on it.

Instant E-book download – Maybe it’s just me, but I LOVE getting my product right away, I’m able to print what I need and leave what I don’t (love it!!)

What I didn’t love:

I thought that some of the copy work pages lines were rather small for younger students, but Treyton is still a little young yet, by the end of this year, I wouldn’t see that as a problem. But for now, I tried to have Treyton complete one, and while I think he writes very well, he was unable to write neatly in the allotted lines.

This isn’t something I “didn’t love” but thoughts I wanted to include: If you were already doing something for geography/world geography doing this unit study along with your normal geo would be a little more than what you would need, but if you would rather do a geography unit rather than a curriculum this would be a great option.

For Purchase

A Trip Around the World” costs $7.95 and is available for immediate download, just click-through the link.

Or you can purchase the entire set of the 2010 modules here. The set of 12 sells for $83.95 and is available for download immediately after purchase.

Extra Information

You do not need to have the Schoolhouse Planner to get the modules – they are stand alone unit studies.

There are 11 other modules, each month offers a different unit/topic of study. A few of the other modules that peaked my interest were “Favorite Childhood Books, Weather Clouds and related Experiments and Going Buggy for Bugs”

To see what others had to say about this product visit the TOS Crew Blog.


Discclosure:  This product was given to me for review purposes free of charge. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


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