Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greek Helmet and Olympic Headband

We are currently studying Ancient Greece and while doing so we have, for the first time in a while, been able to do a few hands on projects, and I'm so glad this was one of the weeks we were able to. I think it has (in a sense) reminded us all  why we love school and learning as much as we do, and that learned can be and should be fun to do. 


We decided to make two different types of head wear. 

The first of which was an olympic games olive wreath. I got this idea from one of the extra books from the library. I forgot to write the name down and have already returned the book (sorry). 

IMG 6478


IMG 6481


IMG 6480


IMG 6483

Both Alexa and Treyton made these and had fun showing them off. 

 IMG 6499


The second one, was a Greek soldier helmet from a paper bag and duct tape. 

This one took a little trial and error to complete, but after two attempts we managed to make something that worked very well. 

IMG 6484

I took a paper bag and cut it flat, smoothing duct tape along the length of it. 

IMG 6485

I then wrapped the bag around Treyton's head and folded down the top (almost like you would wrap a gift). I took pieces of duct tape and "shaped it" to his head giving it a more round shape. 

IMG 6486

I had Treyton point to where his eyes were and drew the eye holes/slits, which I then cut out. 

Lastly, we took a red (Treyton's color of choice) piece of card stock, and cut feathered slits which we duct taped along the top of the helmet. 

IMG 6487

He ran and grabbed his homemade shield and plastic sword from his room, to complete his ensemble. He has had so much fun with his new helmet and loved showing it off to anyone who comes over. 

IMG 6490

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Alexis said...

Oh my goodness!! He still has that shield??